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Understanding Sports Culture

Understanding Sports Culture

October 2007 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"In only 138 pages Schirato manages a broad sweep across sports history and culture... he brings the eye of a critical fan to his analysis of sport, treating it seriously as a social practice and as a social institution... A useful, provocative and non-dogmatic text that should be useful to undergraduate and graduate sport studies programmes."
- Malcolm MacLean, Sport in History

Understanding Sport Culture traces and analyzes the development of the modern field of sport from its ancient and medieval precursors (the festivals of Greece and Rome, and games such as folk football), through to its inception in the mid-nineteenth century as a set of activities designed to instill character and discipline in students in exclusive British public schools, up to its transformation into a global institution and popular spectacle.

The narrative also focuses on and provides a detailed account of the gradual coming together of sport and the media. It explains how this relationship has accentuated sport's status as one of the most important sites in contemporary culture, while simultaneously threatening its existence.

As part of the Understanding Contemporary Culture series this book is aimed at a broad range of students from undergraduate to graduate level, who want to know more and be fully informed on sport, its relationship to the media, and its cultural dynamics.

Playing Sport

Theories of Play, Games and Sport
Intimations of Sport
The Field of Sport
Global Sport
Sport, the Media and Spectatorship
From Sport to Spectacle
Contemporary Sport

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