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Understanding Anatomy and Physiology in Nursing

Understanding Anatomy and Physiology in Nursing

First Edition

May 2020 | 400 pages | Learning Matters

Covering all the key aspects of anatomy and physiology that nursing students need to know, this book condenses vast amounts of scientific information into short, concise, and easily accessible chapters. From an overview of cells, blood, and the major organ systems, through to the key developmental stages, genetics and ageing, this book introduces all the vital anatomy and physiology information that aspiring nurses will need to learn. Throughout the book, case studies link core principles of anatomy and physiology to realistic scenarios commonly encountered by nurses in clinical practice, helping students apply this knowledge to their everyday working life.

Key features

•       Mapped to the new NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018)

•       Case studies, activities and other learning features help students translate the theory to practice

•       Provides revision guidance and strategies for tackling exams and assessments

Chapter 1: Cellular physiology and histology
Chapter 2: Homeostasis
Chapter 3: The cardiovascular system
Chapter 4: The respiratory system
Chapter 5: The endocrine system
Chapter 6: The nervous system
Chapter 7: The skin
Chapter 8: The musculoskeletal system
Chapter 9: Blood, immunity and the lymphatic system
Chapter 10: The digestive system
Chapter 11: The urinary system
Chapter 12: The reproductive systems
Chapter 13: Genetics and inheritance

Excellent book. Clearly written with information that is easily digestable.

Mr Ingvar Arni Ingvarsson
Health, St Martin's College
February 14, 2024

Very good book. It explains the basics of anatomy and physiology at the right level for Nursing students. However, the fact that it's black and white and text-heavy might not make it as attractive to students. Nevertheless, the mapping of content to the NMC Standards, makes it perfect for lecturers to create a better curriculum for Nursing A&P.

Mr Ricardo Rego
School of Health Science, Brighton University
January 24, 2023

essential read for lecturers to support teaching and clearly set out for students. Good use of activities with in the book.

Mrs Rebecca Ann Dixon
Nursing, Truro And Penwith College
September 9, 2022

Very concise and straightforward for both students and tutor. Highly recommend.

Mrs Kiran Saeed
Dept of Health & Social Development, Burnley College
July 11, 2023

This is a well written book that uses understandable and legible terms and makes the topic easy to read. It also provides good grounding for further study in anatomy and physiology.

Mr Ingvar Arni Ingvarsson
Health, St Martin's College
August 23, 2022

Very well structured and easy read. Clearly explains all body systems with relevant case studies to support reader and assessment tasks. This is also a very good revision guide for students wanting to understand the Anatomy & physiology of human body, images to support each topic was useful. Would recommend this book as essential reading guide.

Miss Mehjabeen Shaukat
Education, The Manchester College
August 3, 2022

A good first book for student nurses to familiarise themselves with A & P

Simone Bedford
Nursing, Sunderland University
April 27, 2022

Students encouraged to purchase this book to assist with their knowledge for anatomy and physiology both here and on future courses . Written clearly with good terminology ideal for the new student of A&P.

Mrs Margaret Bull
School Of Care Studies, West Herts College
January 19, 2022

Decision on adoption of the title cannot be provided at this stage. Will consider later on in 2021

A very good text for the anatomy and physiology aspect of a number of nursing schemes. Whilst suitably comprehensive where it needs to be, this book is equally not overly daunting to digest. Presents all of the essentials of A&P in a very easy-to-understand way and contains exactly what you would hope of such a text.

Mr James Taylor
College of Human & Health Sciences, Swansea University
February 19, 2021

This is an excellent book. Easy to understand and I like the case studies to consolidate learning.

Miss Helen Susan Marshall
Directorate of Nursing, Liverpool University
February 10, 2021