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Three Faces of Power

Three Faces of Power

June 1990 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Broadly defining power as the ability to get what we want, this volume - new in paper - identifies three major types of power: threat power, which is particularly important in political life; economic power, which derives from the power to produce and exchange goods and depends on the changing distribution of property ownership; and integrative power, which rests on relationships such as love, legitimacy, respect, affection, community and identity. Boulding argues that threat power should not be seen as fundamental since it is not effective unless reinforced by economic and integrative power.
The Nature of Power
Power as a Social Structure
The Objects of Power
The Pathologies of Power
Personal Destructive Power
Personal Economic Power
Personal Integrative Power
The Dynamics of Personal Power
Organizations for Destruction
Economic Power in Organizations
Organizations For Integrative Power
The Dynamics of Organizational Power
Power in Physical and Biological Evolution
Power in Societal Evolution
Power and the Future

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ISBN: 9780803938625