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The Whole Brain Leader

The Whole Brain Leader
8-Dimensional Approach

First Edition
  • Ingvar Jonsson - Writer, Entertainer and Performance coach, Leadership and Personal development.
  • Sjoerd de Waal - Founder of Trainnovation, The Netherlands

March 2018 | 236 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

With the Whole Brain Leader Development Model as its foundation, this book describes the steps that leaders need to take to become Whole Brain Leaders. Whole Brain Leaders focus on their own development as well as on the development of their organization. They lead as coaches and apply the power of Whole Brain Thinking within and beyond their organizations.

Becoming a Whole Brain Leader is the result of a process of horizontal as well as vertical leadership development. Horizontal leadership development is about improving skills and knowledge and vertical leadership development is about expanding your mindset and improving your way of thinking. This book presents four steps of development, and leaders at each stage of development can coach their colleagues in their unique development journey.

This book helps you to translate your individual leadership to leadership as a process for your whole organization. You will be able to set up a transformation plan fit for your organization, and coach as a leader, engaging your team in a leadership process.


Foreword by Kobus Neethling
How to Read this Book?
Some Points to Consider
PART 1: Welcome to the World
Face Reality
PART 2: Whole Brain Thinking
Neethling Brain Instruments
L1, The Rational
L2, The Practical
R2, The Relational
R1, The Experimental
Whole Brain Thinking
PART 3: Lead as a Coach
A Different Mindset
Integrate Coaching into Your Leadership
New Insights
PART 4: Transformation
Become the Whole Brain Leader
Appendix: 360° Self-Assessment

‘WHAT? Another leadership book?’, you may ask. Yes, and this one is different. Jónsson and de Waal, practitioners not theoreticians, see leadership/followership experiences through both pragmatic and neurological ‘lenses’, simplifying both complexities and daily applications. This is neither a textbook nor a cookbook, but a set of down-to-earth explanations of what so often goes wrong and how to get them right going forward. Highly recommended!

Dr Steve F. Foster,
Organisational Psychologist and Management Educator

Leadership is not just about leading or managing a group of people; it is rather a skill that brings together many qualities such as to set a right vision to encourage and inspire people to proactively work with that vision to coach and build the team to achieve success as a team and as an individual. This book brings together all these elements immaculately. It is, therefore, highly recommended.

Dr Satarupa,
Bhattacharjee Kapoor CEO, Pristdel

A must-read for today’s leaders. The book offers insights into effective leadership and develops leaders not only to steer organisations during the present time but also to brace the future. By applying Whole Brain Thinking, the authors have launched a contemporary management guidebook for the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Arvind Sinha,
CEO, SAS Motors Limited

Finally, a book that brings all the strands for the personal and professional journeys to effective leadership into focus like never before! The Whole Brain Leader is not only a book for our times, but it is also a roadmap for all times, crystallising everything you need to best serve your organisation in extraordinary clarity.

Adam Honey,
Founder and CEO, Sky Events, Mountain Leap Events and Chamonix Ski Chalets

This book is a must-read for all. Ingvar Jónsson and Sjoerd de Waal have done a great job in explaining the ‘VUCA’ approach. The book takes a practical and easy-to-read path to solve most of the problems that a leader faces. Every business leader must apply Whole Brain thinking and use the suggested tools to effectively transform their business leadership.

Joydeep Bhattacharya,
Digital Marketing Analyst

This book will help you tread the path of success by utilising your complete potential. It is easy to assimilate, imbibe and follow. It will create a lasting impression on your personal and professional lives.

Mayank Kumar
CEO, eVanik

‘Disruption is all around us … for leadership this means change’. Jónsson and de Waal manage to create a complete toolbox for the modern leader. Their VUCA approach captures the complexity and speed of change of our times and, at the same time, the whole brain methodology provides a complete platform for continuous transformation. A must-read for any serious leader!

Dr Chrisoula Papadopoulou,
Head of Department of Business and Management, Webster University

Understanding people’s behaviour, needs, drives and desires is, according to me, the essence of true leadership. This book is very accessible and introduces hands-on-tools that can help you grow to become an even more successful leader—it’s a whole brainer.

Bogi Þór Siguroddsson,
Author, Entrepreneur and Strategic Leader

We are living in challenging times, and we need to use all our resources optimally. Managers of today need to be superheroes in order to succeed in this dynamic business environment, and this book will help you become one! It will help you become a true leader who builds further leadership as a continuous process. You will not just inspire yourself, you will inspire others to lead.

Kapil Rampal,
Entrepreneur, Managing Director of Ivory Education Pvt Ltd

Finally, a book that brings all the strands for the personal and professional journey to effective leadership into focus like never before!’

Adam Honey,
Founder & CEO, Sky Events, Mountain Leap Events & Chamonix Ski Chalets

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