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The What, Why and How of Assessment

The What, Why and How of Assessment
A guide for teachers and school leaders

August 2021 | 200 pages | Corwin UK
How do teachers develop their understanding of the foundation principles of assessment, stay up to date with the latest classroom approaches and have the confidence to evaluate and question the effectiveness of new methods?

This professional resource for teachers supports them to understand the what, why and how of assessment. It provides key knowledge on the types and purposes of assessment and explores key themes such as validity, reliability and fairness.  It explores assessment in practice offering practical support for busy teachers and takes an in-depth look at how qualifications are designed and developed and how examinations are marked, graded and regulated. 
Part 1: The principles of assessment
What is assessment?
Fairness and ethics
Standards and comparability
Part 2: Assessment principles in action
Assessment by exam boards
Assessment in schools
Assessment in society (beyond schools)
Assessment and neurodiversity
Assessment and mental health
The future of assessment

Just a beautifully thought out and written insight to Assessment in all its forms, easy reference and a jot to read and wander through!

Mr Donald Moyse
Command Training, Sussex Police
June 1, 2023

A nice clear useful book critically for academics.

Mrs Toni Benaton
Health and Social Care at Derby, Derby University
January 26, 2022

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