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The Sociology of Work

The Sociology of Work
Continuity and Change in Paid and Unpaid Work

Third Edition

November 2019 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now in a fully updated third edition, The Sociology of Work draws on the work of classic and contemporary theorists, to provide readers with a thorough exploration of all aspects of work and employment, including paid and unpaid work, standard and non-standard employment, and unemployment.

The new edition includes:

  • Two new chapters on “Work, Skill and the Labour Process” and “Managing Culture at Work”.
  • Expanded coverage of the rise and decline of trade unions; emotional labour, misbehaviour, and resistance at work.
  • Further discussion of the gig economy and precarious work; automation and the end of work; globalization and human rights.

For Sociology and Business students, taking modules in work, employment and society.

The Historical Transformation of Work
Work and Alienation
Work, Skill and the Labour Process
Managing Culture at Work
Industrial Work: Fordism, Neo-Fordism and Post-Fordism
Service Work: Fordism, Neo-Fordism and Post-Fordism
Non-Standard Work
Out of Work: Unemployment
Unpaid Domestic Work
Globalization: Paid and Unpaid Work

'Definitive, critical and engaging, this is a superb introduction to the sociology of work. Edgell and Granter's expert narrative takes us from the cotton mills to the gig economy, and from unpaid domestic chores to visions of a post-work future. Indispensable.'

Leo McCann is Professor of Management, University of York. 

Leo McCann
Professor of Management, University of York

A welcome new edition of Sociology of Work delivers on the promise to chronicle and to assess continuity and changes in paid and unpaid work over the longue durée.  Key themes and theories drive chapters on alienation, the labor process, skill, organizational culture, Fordism, destandarization, and domestic work, culminating in the perfect bookend on work transformations across multiple historical globalizations spanning the global North and South.  


Heidi Gottfried, Professor of Sociology, Wayne State University, Michigan

Heidi Gottfried
Professor of Sociology, Wayne State University, Michigan

Stephen Edgell and Edward Granter’s The Sociology of Work is an introductory text that is more engaging and coherent than a traditional textbook. It provides an accessible entry point into the field, covering a vast literature and counterposing competing theories and perspectives, but within a systematic analytical framework and narrative. It appreciates the variable social construction of work and employment across history, understands capitalism as a distinct social system, and compellingly uses the framework of Fordism and Post-Fordism to highlight and understand changes in work and employment over the 20th and 21st centuries.


Dr Matt Vidal, Reader in Sociology and Comparative Political Economy, Loughborough University

Dr Matt Vidal
Reader in Sociology and Comparative Political Economy, Loughborough University

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