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The SAGE Handbook of Child Research

The SAGE Handbook of Child Research

Edited by:

December 2013 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"It is refreshing to see a book such as this which is both broad in its conceptualization of the field of child research and deep in its focus. The volume's editors are paragons of awareness when it comes to the need for interdisciplinary research and theory to illuminate the lives and experience of children."
- James Garbarino, Loyola University Chicago

"Covers a satisfying and unprecedentedly wide range of research relating to childhood. The contributors include many eminent international scholars of childhood, making the book a valuable resource for child researchers. Child advocates will also find the book to be invaluable in their efforts to improve children’s well-being, and to change policies and practices for the better."
- Anne Smith, University of Otago

"A really scintillating collection that will provide a lasting perspective on child studies - stimulating and comprehensive!"
- Jonathan Bradshaw, University of York

In keeping with global changes in children's social and legal status, this Handbook includes examination of children as family members, friends, learners, consumers, people of faith, and participants in law and politics. The contributors also discuss the methodological and ethical requirements for research that occurs in natural settings and that enables children themselves to describe their perspective.

The book is divided into three parts:
  • Part I: Setting-Specific Issues in Child Research
  • Part II: Population-Specific Issues in Child Research
  • Part III: Methods in Research on Children and Childhood
Gary B. Melton
The Nature and Scope of Child Research: Learning About Children’s Lives
Asher Ben-Arieh
The Setting of Childhood
Roger J.R. Levesque
Childhood as a Legal Status
Anu Toots, Natalie Worley, Anna Skosireva
Children as Political Actors
Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, Peter L. Benson
Children, Religion, and Spiritual Development: Reframing a Research Agenda
Priscilla Alderson
Children as Patients
Ragnhild Brusdal, Ivar Frønes
Children as Consumers
Jan Kampmann
Young Children as Learners
Jennifer Mason, Becky Tipper
Children as Family Members
Steven R. Asher, Whitney A. Brechwald, Kristina L. McDonald
Children as Friends
Judith Cashmore
Children in Exceptional Circumstances
Oscar Barbarin, Emma Sterrett, Dari Jigjidsuren
Research on Ethnic Minority Children: A Tale of Risk and Resilience
Charlotte J. Patterson
Sexual Minority Youth and Youth with Sexual Minority Parents
Patricia Sloper, Bryony Beresford
Children Who Have Disabilities
Michael R. McCart, Terje Ogden, Scott W. Henggeler
Youth Who Have Broken the Law
Kelly McWilliams, Else-Marie Augusti, Jacinthe Dion, Stephanie D. Block, Annika Melinder, Judith Cashmore, Gail S. Goodman
Children as Witnesses
Kelly McWilliams, Gail S. Goodman, Juliana Raskauskas, Ingrid M. Cordon
Child Maltreatment and Bullying
Judith Cashmore
Children Living Away from Home
Jacqueline J. Goodnow
Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, Displaced Persons: Children in Precarious Positions
Drika Weller, Sue Hobbs, Gail S. Goodman
Challenges and Innovations in Research on Childhood
Karen J. Saywitz, Lorinda B. Camparo
Interviewing Children: A Primer
Amy Dworsky
Children as Self-Informants in Longitudinal Studies: Substantive Findings and Methodological Issues
Robert Goerge, Bong Joo Lee
Use of Administrative Data in Childhood Research
Kim Rasmussen
Children Taking Photos and Photographs: A Route to Children’s Involvement and Participation and a ‘Bridge’ to Exploring Children’s Everyday Lives
Lyn Craig
Time-Use Studies
Marc H. Bornstein
Parents’ Reports about Their Children’s Lives
David B. Pillemer, Ryan A. Dickson
Adults’ Memories of Their Own Childhoods
Michal Soffer, Asher Ben-Arieh
School-Aged Children as Sources of Information about Their Lives
Harlene Hayne, Karen Tustin
Infants and Young Children as Sources of Information about Their Own Lives: Methodology and Findings
Tove I. Dahl
Children as Researchers: We Have a Lot to Learn

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ISBN: 9781412930161

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