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The Practice Educator's Handbook

The Practice Educator's Handbook

Fourth Edition

March 2019 | 232 pages | Learning Matters
This highly engaging book provides invaluable guidance and support to social workers by challenging them to take a critical, evidence-informed approach to their thinking and practice. This easy-to-read book has been updated to include new developments in social work education, with a new chapter on building effective supervisory relationships with learners. 
Chapter 1: Practice educators and work-based learning
Part One: Domain A: Organise opportunities for the demonstration of assessed competence in practice
Chapter 2: Managing learning: taking a partnership approach
Chapter 3: Effective planning and preparation (Element 1)
Chapter 4: Organising learning (Elements 2–7)
Part Two: Domain B: Enable learning and professional development in practice
Chapter 5: Understanding learners
Chapter 6: Developing learning objectives
Chapter 7: Considering learning theories
Chapter 8: Designing learning opportunities
Part Three: Domain C: Manage the assessment of learners in practice
Chapter Understanding the assessment of social work practice
Chapter 10: The assessment process
Chapter 11: Assessment methods and their use in the workplace
Part Four: Applying learning from Domains A–C to address challenging practice situations
Chapter 12: Applying learning from Domains A–C to develop an effective supervisory relationship
Chapter 13: Applying learning from Domains A–C to support the development of resilience in learners
Chapter 14: Applying learning from Domains A–C when working in marginal or failing placements
Part Five: Domain D: Effective continuing performance as a practice educator
Chapter 15: Continuing learning and development

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