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The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity
Optimism and the Seventh Sense

First Edition

July 2018 | 240 pages | SAGE Response

The Power of Positivity: Optimism and the 7th Sense introduces the concept of optimism as the ‘seventh sense’. Highlighting the milestone achievements of world leaders in various domains, represented as harbingers of optimism, it acts as a beacon of hope and inspiration for readers to move forward with relentless fervor and spirit. The myriad facets of human life such as emotions, relationships and accomplishments are artfully expressed through anecdotal narrations.  

This book virtually acts as a handbook and a toolkit enabling readers to practice optimism in real life. It includes an assessment tool that helps individuals know their ‘optimism quotient’ providing them with valuable insights for achieving success. It provides the reader with a complete model for cultivating the spirit of optimism. 

The objective is to empower youth into becoming creative, innovative and accomplished beings and transform the world into a place full of positivity, peace and happiness. 

The book empowers readers from all walks of life—youth, practitioners, entrepreneurs and leaders—to effectively navigate today’s dynamic world characterized by innovation and disruptive technology with flexibility. Optimistic individuals have the miraculous power to realize their potential and fulfil their compelling dreams. It propels individuals towards sustainability, differentiation and overall success and well-being.

Foreword by Subhash Chandra
Unravelling ‘The Seventh Sense’
Knock the ‘t’ off the ‘Can’t’
Myriad Perspectives
Optimism Index: The Tool
Mindful Meditation: A Quest for Peace
Transforming Lives
Every Time You Are Happy, You Win
Appendix: Interpreting Your Oi Score

‘This book is an outstanding piece of work that discusses the overwhelming effects of being positive, inculcating a sense of optimism in all endeavors of life. It unfolds the indomitable spirit of Seventh Sense in a very candid and lucid manner. It provides its readers with a compelling impact on dissemination of peace and ushering in creativity, which are important attributes in the domain of literature and art. It is a must-read for people from all walks of life, spanning from science, art, literature and the larger community. I am sure power of positivity, so well delineated as Seventh Sense, is bound to promote happiness and well-being all round.’ —

Padma Shri Chandrasekhar Kambar
President, Sahitya Akademi, Poet, Playwright, Folklorist and Film Director

‘Dr Padmakali has demonstrated immense capability by translating her optimistic attitude into a book. The key takeaway is the belief that the world can be transformed into a happier place through the attitude of optimism. The talk about seventh sense is amazing. I recommend this book to students as well as leaders and professionals who can develop behavioural competencies in their human capital’.

Pankaj Dubey,
Managing Director and Country Head, Polaris India Pvt. Ltd; CEO and Director, Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd

‘In the last two decades, several ground-breaking research studies have unearthed the rich potential of positive psychology. As a consequence, research results on happiness, flow, mindfulness and thriving are now being adopted in many of the Fortune 500 companies. A new dimension to this movement is added by the original work of Dr Padmakali Banerjee on optimism and optimism quotient. Dr Banerjee is well known for her research and teaching in this area. Her book The Power of Positivity: Optimism and the Seventh Sense lays out lucidly the foundations of the concept and provides useful practical applications assisted by a model called “optimism attitude model.” It will become a very useful tool for individual leaders who want to navigate the age of innovation and disruptive technology with ease and abundance, fuelled by the seventh sense empowered by optimism’. 

Samaresh Mukhopadhyay,
Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T, Greater Atlanta Area, USA

‘Today, when the entire world is on the verge of collapsing on the ethical and humane fronts and negativity surrounds us, right from the time we wake up and see newspapers till we sleep watching depressing news on television, the book by Dr Padmakali Banerjee brings in extremely needed positivity in the society, which would act as Sanjeevani Booti for the readers. I wish her all the very best’.

Roopak Vasishtha,
CEO and Director General, Apparel, Made-ups and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council

‘As the world moves faster than ever with technological breakthroughs, several new opportunities come up for career choices. Because technology is a lucrative area, much of the focus is on earning money and “getting wealthy fast”, eventually causing faster burnout. Having been in the technology management space for over two decades, I have always felt the need for the mind to be ready for the fast pace of technology—one cannot innovate unless one is relaxed and happy. This “happiness” is of course hard to measure and so calls for novel approaches to generate determination models. I find the approach of “optimism” as the motivator to be quite intriguing and relevant in the Silicon Valley too’.

Indranil Sanyal,
Information Security Engineering Leadership, Silicon Valley

‘This book is a must-read for any business executive who believes that optimism can help fuel success in fierce conversations, those that are respectful but often contentious. Optimism is a key ingredient to avoid an “I won, you lose” mentality versus a mutually beneficial win-win situation that achieves great outcomes in a competitive and increasingly disrupted business environment’.

Jeff Thomson,
President and CEO, IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants)

‘Books on positivity that study the topic from a scientific perspective are rare, but are needed to guide thought and action. The publication of The Power of Positivity is therefore timely. Next to its focus on a concise conceptual framework, it can serve as a framework for leaders of social profit, non-profit and for-profit organizations to reconcile efficiency and efficacy with the aim of optimism’.

Martin Valcke,
Full Professor, Department of Educational Studies, Ghent University, Belgium

‘The Power of Positivity is a happy book that is capable of enhancing your life from the moment you adopt its enthusiastic philosophy’.

Nickunj Malik,
Writer and Columnist, The Jordan Times

‘A tour de force, this book will pave the way for the readers to achieve a heightened sense of well-being and fulfilment. Concepts such as optimistic intelligence and optimism quotient will ignite a seventh sense in the readers to flourish in a happiness-filled world’.

Updesh Kumar Head,
Mental Health Division, Defence Institute of Psychological Research, Ministry of Defence, Government of India

‘The book The Power of Positivity, written by Dr Padmakali Banerjee, is an addition to be placed at your desk. “Optimism” is the key to success with the right attitude and a positive mindset. High optimism promotes mental health, value system and positive attitude. It further reduces physical and psychological sickness and conflict in life. Successful leaders in industry, business, academics, innovation and politics plan for centuries beyond and change the outlook of people and prove to be a nation builder. The book has described how to measure your optimism score and what you can do to develop a positive attitude. This is a handbook for leaders, practitioners and professionals to develop behavioural skills and competencies in human capital. During my practice, I have found a high correlation between mental health index and high optimism scores. I recommend this book to leaders, practitioners, professionals, training managers and consultants in industry’.

B.L. Dubey,
Director, SIS Center, Anchorage, USA; Consultant, Dubay Business Services, USA

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