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The Nursing Profession

The Nursing Profession
Tomorrow and Beyond

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November 2000 | 1 050 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume provides an in-depth global study of nursing as a profession. The contributors discuss projected patterns about nursing now and in the future and present their views on how the profession should go forward. This volume contains 78 original chapters by 105 contributing authors, many of whom are elected Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing.
Geraldene Felton
Building for the Next Century
Nursing's Bias as its Glory

JoEllen Koerner
Nightingale II
Nursing in the New Millennium

Carolyn J Yocom and Katherine A Thomas
A New Approach to the Regulation of Nursing Practice
Mutual Recognition

Charlie Jones-Dickson
Continued Competence of the Nurse
New Attention on an Old Problem

Beverly Kopala
Professional Nursing
Issues and Ethics

Anne J Davis
Ethics in International Nursing
Issues an Questions

Lois A Lane and Craig Paterson
Legal Perspectives in Nursing Education
Janet Heinrich and Mary Wakefield
Federal Health Policy
Issues for the Nursing Profession in the 21st Century

Patricia E Thompson and Ramon Lavandero
Professional Associations for the Millennium
Surviving or Thriving?

Peter I Buerhaus
Future of Medicare
Implications for Nursing Practice, Education, and Research

Cheryl B Jones
The Future Registered Nurse Workforce in Health Care Delivery
Economic Considerations

Barbara C Gaines
From Revolution to Transformation
Curriculum Development in a New Millennium

Shirley L Dooling and Barbara C Gaines
Program Evaluation in Nursing Education
Rosalee C Yeaworth et al
Distributive Learning Strategies
Improving Educational Access in Nursing

Diane M Billings
Teaching and Learning in On-Line Communities of Professional Practice in Nursing
Amy H Nichols and Andrea Renwanz-Boyle
Strategies to Successfully Educate Nursing Students in the 21st Century
Mary L Fisher
Preparing Tomorrow's Nursing Leaders
Changing the Paradigm

Joyce J Fitzpatrick
Interdisciplinary Education for Nursing
Shaka Ketefian and Richard W Redman
Global Perspectives on Graduate Nursing Education
Opportunities and Challenges

Elizabeth R Lenz and Sally Brosz Hardin
Doctoral Nursing Education
Approaches to Achieving Quality When Resources are Limited

Anastasia Fisher and Barbara Habermann
From Doctoral Preparation to Academic Career

Juanita W Fleming
A Continuing Issue for Academic Nursing

Hesook Suzie Kim
Directions for Theory Development in Nursing - for an Increased Coherence in the New Century
Peggy L Chinn
Toward a Theory of Nursing Art
Jean M Watson
Postmodern Nursing and Beyond
Jaqueline Fawcett and Mary G Bourbonniere
Utilization of Nursing Knowledge and the Future of the Discipline
Betty M Neuman
The Neuman Systems Model
A Futuristic Care Perspective

Eleanor Donnelly
An Assessment of Nursing Theories as Guides to Scientific Inquiry
Alda M Lindsey
Interdisciplinary Efforts, Progress and Promise
Cancer Nursing Research

Christine E Kasper
Emerging Research Issues in Mobility
Dorothy A Jones
Nursing Language and Knowledge Development
Ida M Androwich and Sheila A Haas
Harvesting Knowledge
Conducting and Integrated, Systematic Literature Review

Robin Dawn Froman and Steven V Owen
Instrumentation Concerns for Multicultural Research
Carol Deets and Euioo Choi
Evidence for Theory Based Interventions
Marita G Titler
Research Utilization and Evidence Based Practice
Kenneth P Miller
Research Preparation in the 21st Century
Larry Purnell
Cultural Competence in a Changing Health Care Environment
Kathleen R Stevens and Elizabeth E Weiner
Informatics for Nursing Practice
Michael A Carter
The Critical Importance of Faculty Practice
Maureen P McCausland and Kathleen M McCauley
Partnerships for the New Millennium
Developing Clinical Decision-making in a Practice Profession

Karen R Robinson et al
Nursing Practice Reimbursement Issues in the 21st Century
Mikel L Gray
Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing
Preparation and Scope of Practice

Mariah Snyder et al
Healing Practices in Nursing
Judith W Alexander
Community Health Services
Now and in the Future

Linda Hollinger-Smith
Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships
Models for Nursing Practice

Inge B Corless
Palliative Care
It's Not Just for the Terminally Ill

Mary Ann Schroeder and Carol O Long
Impact of Home Health Care on Clinical Practice and Education
Elizabeth F Sefcik and Rebecca A Patronis Jones
Health Care Consumer Choice
A Primary Care Perspective

Mary Ann McDermott
Parish Nursing
When the Population Served is a Congregation

Carol H Pullen
Issues in Rural Health Care
Catherine M Todero
Mobile Nursing Centers for Vulnerable Populations
Sara E Barger
Nursing Centers
A Fit for the Future

Virginia Duffy
Nursing Entrepreneurship
Potential, Plausibility, and Prospects

Jean F Jenkins
New Directions for Nursing and Health Care

Timothy P Porter-O'Grady
Into the Millennium
New Structures for Nursing Systems

SueEllen Pinkerton
Organizing Nursing in an Integrated Delivery System (IDS)
Rose M Gerber
Case Management
Tomorrow's Vision

Margaret M Conger
Managed Care Health Organizations
Implications for Nursing

Jacqueline A Dienemann et al
Incorporating Interventions for Social and Environmental Risk Factors Into Nursing Services
Sandra P Thomas
Climbing Out of the Crab Bucket
Strategies for Resolving Conflict Among Nurses

Joanne M Disch
Creating Healthy Work Environments for Nursing Practice
Margaret L McClure
Nurse Executive Practice for the New Millennium
Carol A Lindeman
The Changing Role of Faculty and Dean
The Impact of a Market-Driven Higher Education System

Sharon E Hoffman
Academic Health Science Centers- Dinosaurs of Models for the Millennium
Sarah B Keating and Shannon E Perry
Schools of Nursing in Private and Public Sectors
Challenges and Opportunities

Marilyn Flood
The Associate Dean
The Protean Role

Diana L Biordi and Elizabeth A McFarlane
Academic Roles and Faculty Development
Norma L Chaska
Avoiding the Fatal "By-Pass Operation" in Facilitating Accountability
Andrea R Lindell
Dynamics of Discernment in Administrative Team Development
Daniel J Pesut
Healing Into the Future
Re-Creating the Profession of Nursing Through Inner Work

Donna L Boland
The Future of Nursing Education
Helping to Determine if Nursing is to Be or Not to Be

Afaf I Melesis and Eun-Ok Im
From Fragmentation to Integration
Situation Specific Theories

Patricia A Grady
Nursing Research into the 21st Century
Challenges and Opportunities

Phyllis Beck Kritek
Toward a Philosophy of Healing Practices
Karleen M Kerfoot
Nursing in the New World of Health Care
A Vision or Illusion

Joa L F Shaver
Looking to the Future of Academic Administrative Leadership
Grayce M Sills and Carole A Anderson
View From Another Planet
Norma L Chaska
Paths to Make a Difference

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