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The Nurse's Clinical Skills Pocketbook

The Nurse's Clinical Skills Pocketbook

Third Edition
Edited by:

March 2022 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This pocket-sized book is an ideal reference for nursing students. It puts the facts at your fingertips, giving you immediate access to 50 different clinical procedures.

  • Handy checklists covering the things to consider before starting the procedure
  • Clear instructions guide you step-by-step through the skill
  • All fields of practice included to ensure your care is person-centred

Whether revising for an OSCE, preparing for a new clinical placement or looking for a clear description of how to perform a certain task, this book will become a trusted companion and daily reference as your practice experience steadily grows.

Common Abbreviations - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Useful Prefixes and Suffixes - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Infection and Prevention Control - Rose Gallagher

Using hand sanitiser

When to remove your gloves and why

Clinical Measurement - Caroline Dobson and Trevor Simpson
Fundamental steps for all clinical measurements


Pulse/heart rate

Manual blood pressure

Measuring body temperature

Pain Assessment - Ann Kettyle
Undertaking a pain assessment

Aseptic Technique and Specimen Collection - Rose Gallagher
Principles of asepsis

Common steps for the collection of all types of specimen

Taking a wound swab

Collecting a faeces specimen

Collecting a urine specimen

Collecting a sputum sample

Taking a throat swab

Skin Integrity - Alexandra Carlin
Principles of wound care

Removal of clips/sutures

Safe Movement of People - Michelle O’Reilly and David Best
Movement guidelines

Emergency Care - Sara Morgan

Head tilt chin lift

Jaw thrust

Using an oropharyngeal airway

Recovery position

Paediatric life support

Dislodging an obstruction to the airway

Medicines Administration - Carol Hall, updated by Christina Roulston
Administering medication (oral or topical route)

Administering a subcutaneous injection

Administering an intramuscular injection

Recording administration and outcome

Assisting People with their Nutritional Need - Kate Goodhand and Jane Ewen
Nutrition-related skills

Weighing a patient

Assisting a patient to eat and drink

Passing a nasogastric tube

Maintaining a nasogastric tube

Removing a nasogastric tube

Caring for a PEG (pertcutaneous endoscopic gastronomy)

Stoma care

Peripheral vascular cannula care

Assisting People with their Elimination Needs - Mairead Collie, David J. Hunter and Valerie Foley
Common steps for all elimination-related skills

Assessing bowel function

Assisting a patient to use a bedpan, urinal or commode

Performing catheter care

Emptying a patient’s catheter bag


Assisting Patients with their Hygiene Needs - Catherine Delves-Yates
Common steps for all hygiene procedures

Bathing a person in bed

Assisting a patient with a wash (out of bed)



Trimming nails

Washing a patient’s hair in bed

Care after Death - Maria Parry
Care after death

Appendix 1: Commonly Used Medication and Side Effects - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Appendix 2: Normal Laboratory Values - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Appendix 3: Hand-washing technique

This is essential reading as it looks at the clinical skills that T-levels students need to understand and apply - in a pocketbook, it provides the fundamental skills that are necessary.

Mrs Julie Ann Knowles
Health, Dudley College
May 9, 2023

My students have said that they would sooner have the actual book than the e-format. I still want them to have access to this format for those who were to shy to speak up in class!

Mrs Julie Ann Knowles
Health, Dudley College
May 9, 2023

A must have pocketbook for any students entering the nursing profession. It is an easy read, simplified and understandable. It sets clear procedures and steps to follow with regards to clinical skills that a nursing student would require to start their career.

Ms Priya Govender
Nursing, Sunderland University
March 7, 2023

Excellent resource for first year nursing students. Quick and easy overview of the nursing procedures.

Mrs Devibala Kasinathan
Nursing, Aberystwyth University
August 31, 2022

This book contains all useful information for the practical elements of our course. I am personally impressed by the detail of the skills.

Miss Beccy Smith
H&SC, New College Swindon
June 20, 2022

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Chapter 2 - Clinical Measurement

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