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The Essential Blended Learning PD Planner

The Essential Blended Learning PD Planner
Where Classroom Practice Meets Distance Learning

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May 2021 | 160 pages | Corwin
Foreword by Michael Fullan.

Drive student learning with the best of both worlds!

Transition back to school with a comprehensive PD plan that leverages the best of distance learning and classroom instruction. Distance learning, despite its myriad challenges, has spotlighted innovative instructional practices and created an opportunity to fundamentally rethink how the traditional classroom works. 

In this timely, crucial book, Dr. Stepan Mekhitarian constructs a framework for a task force of teachers and leaders to establish an effective blended learning program that capitalizes on the capacity and skills teachers have built while teaching remotely. An innovative blended learning model effectively implemented across school systems will positively impact equity and access for all students. In addition to Blended Learning for Social Justice sections, readers will find 
Ideas for Professional Development sessions for sharing strategies and topics with teams
Distance Learning vs. Blended Learning sections to help transition various strategies between environments
Figures, templates, and tech tips to aid in implementation

Learn how to create a powerful learning experience for students that fosters collaboration, engagement, and rigorous learning experiences by combining instructional technology and the best of traditional classroom practice.
Part I: A New Vision for Learning and Professional Development
Chapter 1: How Will Schools Transition Back to the Classroom?
Chapter 2: Rethinking Professional Development in Blended Learning
Part II: Applying Professional Development Strategies to Instructional Practice
Chapter 3: Supporting Rigorous Learning For All
Embracing Personalized Assessment and Feedback
Creating a Blended Learning Culture
Part III: Bringing Together Training and Application Into One Cohesive Program
Conclusion: Bringing It All Together
Creating a Vision Based on the Key Takeaways

Focused Leadership During the Transition

Building Your Professional Development Team

Collaborating With Students and Parents as Stakeholders

Preparing Students for a New World



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