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The Enduring Democracy

The Enduring Democracy

Seventh Edition

February 2023 | 328 pages | CQ Press
How can our history provide us with a roadmap to the future? 

The Enduring Democracy 
provides the essentials of American government with a focus on placing current issues and controversies into a historical perspective. By looking back, students can use the context of our country to understand that the troubles we face are often newer versions of past dilemmas. This allows them to tap into those "lessons learned" to identify, understand, and even provide solutions to today's challenges. One modernizing force to all this comparison is the rapidly changing demographics in our population that asks us to reconsider many aspects of American political behavior and how that will influence both the present and future.

The highly anticipated Seventh Edition frames the 2022 midterm elections from the perspective of what they mean to students, so that they can see the relevance of American government in their daily lives.
Chapter 1 Introduction to The Enduring Democracy
Chapter 2 The Founding and the Constitution
Chapter 3 Federalism
Chapter 4 Civil Liberties
Chapter 5 Civil Rights, Equality, and Social Movements
Chapter 6 Congress
Chapter 7 The Presidency
Chapter 8 The Federal Bureaucracy
Chapter 9 The Judiciary
Chapter 10 Public Opinion
Chapter 11 Interest Groups
Chapter 12 The Media and American Politics
Chapter 13 Political Parties and Voting
Chapter 14 Campaigns and Elections
Chapter 15 American Public Policy

"In my opinion, the main strength of The Enduring Democracy is the writing style. Concepts are described and explained in a manner that is similar to how I explain them to my students. This provides them with an easy transition from reading to lecture. This book does a nice job of balancing readability with content. It feels up-to-date and the visual elements are engaging."

Bo Wood
University of North Dakota

"The Enduring Democracy is an excellent core textbook for American Government. It is a clear presentation of the basic information with an emphasis on institutions and context. This text has been well-liked by my students. I like the strong institutionalist elements of the book, which pair well with its emphasis on accessibility for students. The balance between understanding the institutions, how they shape political behavior, and the influence of historical context is good. Further, it avoids the overly technical elements of some institutionalist texts. Students see the impact of institutions without getting deterred by the more complicated elements."

Gregory Dixon
University of West Georgia

"In my post-lecture survey of students, one comment students make all the time is that they enjoy the way The Enduring Democracy explores demographic changes in the country, and how it helps them understand political changes in the United States."

Augustine Ayuk
Clayton State University

"I find the writing style to be perfect. I believe The Enduring Democracy is a well-researched and well-written survey on the federal government. The book provides a nice historical context and covers topics in a thoughtful and thorough manner"

Tracy Cook
Central Texas College

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