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The Basics of Communication

The Basics of Communication
A Relational Perspective

Second Edition

February 2011 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Written in a warm and lively style and packed with learning tools, The Basics of Communication offers an engaging look at the inseparable connection between relationships and communication. Steve Duck and David T. McMahan combine theory and application to introduce students to fundamental communication concepts. Their book also provides practical instruction on communicating interpersonally, in groups, in interviews and on making effective presentations. The authors encourage students to think critically, to link communication theory to their own experiences, and to improve their communication skills in the process.

New to the Second Edition

- A new chapter on interviewing covers online job searching, interviewing via video/Skype, and much more
- Each chapter has been streamlined to further increase readability, and 42 additional tables help students better synthesize the material
- The book’s visually dynamic art program has been updated, with 35 new photographs
- Three new pedagogical boxes (Contrarian Challenge, Case in Point, and College Experience) encourage student engagement with the content

Key Features

- Comprehensive, two-chapter coverage of media and relational technology explores the use of mobile devices and social media in daily communication
- The book’s refreshing and original approach engages students with lively, topical examples that challenge them and invigorate classroom discussion
- Listen in on Your Life, Make Your Case, and Strategic Communication boxes get students personally involved with the material


- Effective teaching and learning resources are available at
- A password-protected Instructor Teaching Site provides PowerPoint Slides, a test bank, chapter outlines, classroom activities and course project, video and audio links, sample syllabi, speech formats and guidelines and social media tips
- An open-access Student Study Site offers self-quizzes, e-flashcards, video and audio clips, SAGE journal articles, and web resources and exercises
An Overview of Communication
Verbal Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Identities and Perceptions
Talk and Interpersonal Relationships
Groups and leaders
Culture and Communication
Technology in Everyday Life
Relational Uses and Understanding of Media
Preparing for a Public Presentation
Developing a Public Presentation
Relating Through Informative Speeches and Persuasive Speeches
Delivering a Public Presentation

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