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The Multiple Identities of the Reception Teacher

The Multiple Identities of the Reception Teacher
Pedagogy and Purpose

First Edition
Edited by:

June 2016 | 200 pages | Learning Matters

The Reception Year is a special time for children and their teachers.

This text celebrates the uniqueness of the Reception Year and the unique role of the Reception Teacher. This is a book for those aspiring to be reception teachers, those new to teaching in reception and for those with a love for the reception year. 

This text addresses many key features of working with 4 and 5 year olds in the reception class environment. These include:

  • creating a positive learning environment that values every child
  • involving parents and carers in children's learning
  • understanding about child development to support your role
  • spreading the word on the importance of early years teaching and learning
  • discovering what works for you and your class
  • creating effective learning spaces and resources 
  • harnessing the learning potential of the outdoor environment
  • taking risks and challenging yourself and your class
  • being the best teacher for your class this year and in the years to come

Working in Reception you are not just a teacher. You will also be a carer, a collaborator in learning, a partner in play, a creator of magical environments, a leader of your team and an observer of the creativity and skills of young learners. This text will help you to understand your role and be the best Reception teacher you can be.




Anna Cox and Eleonora Teszenyi
Time travel, kaleidoscopes and a hat shop
Eleonora Teszenyi
Children at four
Samantha Weeks
You as an advocate for Early Childhood
Claire Underwood, Anna Cox and Gillian Sykes
You as a collaborator in learning
Samantha Weeks and Claire Underwood
You as creator of the learning environment
Gillian Sykes
You as a landscape architect
Shona Lewis and Julia Beckreck
You as an auditor of children’s learning
Gillian Sykes
You as a partner in the lives of children, families and communities
Anna Cox
You in a team of researchers
Anna Cox and Gillian Sykes
The mirror in the hat shop

All too often the EY practitioner is not considered as having an identity different to that of a later years teacher. This book is useful in that respect.

Dr Linzi McKerr
Institute of Education, Worcester University
August 11, 2021

Interesting and provides students quite a general view of what it is like to be a reception teacher.

Mrs Abigail Carolyn Gosling
Education Studies, Bedfordshire University
September 19, 2016

This is an engaging book that builds upon the earlier writing of Rose and Rogers (2012). This is ideal for undergraduate students and shows many different spheres of influence that shape the work children.

Miss clarrie smith
Centre For Children , Young People and Families, Leeds Trinity University
June 16, 2016

Extremely provocative for EYs teachers.

Mrs Deirdre Hewitt
School of Education, Chester University
June 21, 2016

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Time travel, kaleidoscopes and a hat shop

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