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Talk Action

Talk Action
How Successful Teams Align Conversations with Action

July 2022 | 272 pages | SAGE Response
Have you walked away from a meeting thinking—So what do you want me to do exactly? Have you been in a conflict and felt—But that’s not what I meant! Many feel a disconnect between talk and action. However, no action has ever happened outside a powerful conversation.

Talk Action provides the conversational framework to create productive, meaningful engagement in teams. This book will help you burst the myths around all talk and no action, find your ‘talk comfort zone’ looking into the talk kaleidoscope, rewire your talk to end in action and use the five-part framework to resolve conflicts, influence career growth and build high-performing teams.
Foreword by N. Jayasankaran
PART I How Talk Becomes Action
What Makes Great Teams Great?
The Role of Conversation
The Talk Kaleidoscope
Navigate from Talk to Action
PART II Vital: The Talk–Action Framework
Invite Context
Transform to a Conversation Chrysalis
Action Design
Learning in Reflection
PART III Talk in Action: Four Conversations for Successful Teams
The Four Conversations for a Team’s Success
Connected Conversations
Influence Conversations
Career Conversations
Difficult Conversations
E-Talk: Adapting the Four Conversations in Virtual Teams

If you’re tired of your meetings and conversations ending with no more progress than when you started, then you need Talk Action! Latha’s research and insights will help you rewire your conversations to end in actionable items and create meaningful connections with each interaction. A must-read!

Dr Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times Bestselling Author of Triggers, Mojo and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

We create our worlds through our conversations. After a long time, I had heard about a book that made me smile. Latha’s book shows how to frame conversations, so people engage and act. You will never look at your team interactions quite the same way.

Dr Ritu Anand
Chief Leadership and Diversity Officer, Tata Consultancy Services

This book uniquely positions the talk–action spectrum to highlight the enigmatic power of conversations in a team context.
As a person interested in team dynamics research, this book has given me insights on how well intended, positive and authentic conversations could drive team engagement, team trust and team performance. The research-based VITAL framework is sequentially well constructed and is easy to understand and implement. Interestingly, the book also extends the lens to the virtual team context which is today’s reality. As organizations are increasingly relying on teams to solve their complex issues, this book comes in handy. The self-help tips and tools will make practitioners grab the book to take steps and make their teams engaged and effective.

Dr Upam Pushpak Makheja
Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli

We often get stuck in our interactions, unable to move from problem to potential, from idea to implementation. This is where tools such as the ‘talk kaleidoscope’ and ‘career dashboard’ from Latha’s book help managers and leaders to navigate conversations and inspire action.

S. Sowmiyanarayanan
Senior Head, Credit Operations, Bajaj Finance

I am a strong believer of the fact that conversations play a very significant role in a team. The VITAL framework given in the book is a great way to navigate a conversation to action. As an executive coach and author, I highly recommend you to grab a copy of this compelling book with its compendium of tools, story studies and methods to apply the framework in the important team conversations.

Manbir Kaur
Executive and Leadership Coach, Author of Get Your Next Promotion and Are You the Leader You Want to Be?

‘Conversations create transformation’ is the deep message that Latha is giving us in this book with relatable stories and structures.

Rajat Garg
Co-founder, Coach-to-Transformation

The book has been closely researched and penned, and it outlines the basis of engagement often confronting people managers in companies—the ‘tough conversation’ and the role of communication in team dynamics. The VITAL conversation framework gives a good workable mechanism to make good teams work towards becoming great teams. The positive organizational environment, a critical driver for business results in the current volatile business environment, is enumerated through case studies and analysis. This is a recommended read for the current and future people managers and business leaders.

Balasubramaniam Muthuswamy
Recruitment Business Owner, Managing Director, XecTalent Advisors Private Limited

Latha uses her depth of academic knowledge, coaching experience, facilitation, case studies, industry research and, most importantly, an empathetical disposition to offer a way out for a challenge that the industry has grappled with consistently over time—why great teams perform. For example, it is fascinating to see how she weaves Simon Sinek, William Isaacs, Harvard Business Review and J. L. Austin into her narrative to prove one of her points. For those of you who prefer the practical route, her framework provides the means to effectively bridge talk and action!

Sudhir Rao
Growth Catalyst and Leadership Whisperer

The work of leadership is done through powerful conversations—dialogues that illuminate, engage, provoke and empower people.
In Talk Action, Dr Latha Vijaybaskar draws on years of research to provide insights and tools that enable conversations that align to engagement and action by creating a safe space and allowing for all voices to be heard. This leads to purposeful and productive teams and organizations.

Nirupama Subramanian
Co-founder and Managing Partner, GLOW; Founder and CEO, Powerfulife

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