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Substance Misuse in Adolescence

Substance Misuse in Adolescence

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November 1994 | 258 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book untangles popular beliefs about substance abuse issues from historical, clinical and research evidence to address questions such as: What factors cause teenagers to abuse drugs and alcohol? How much of a role do economic factors and neighbourhoods play?

Following an introduction which outlines the social history of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and heroin, the volume examines: individual, family, peer and community variables that contribute to substance misuse; resiliency factors that enable some adolescents to avoid such problems; substance abuse in rural and urban settings; pharmacological effects; and current treatment approaches.

Thomas P Gullotta and Gary M Blau
A Select Social History of the Psychoactive Drugs
Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin

Elaine Norman
Personal Factors Related to Substance Misuse
Risk Abatement and/or Resiliency Enhancement?

Sandra Turner
Family Variables Related to Adolescent Substance Misuse
Risk and Resiliency Factors

David F Duncan and Rick Petosa
Social and Community Factors Associated with Drug Use and Abuse Among Adolescents
Patricia Sivo Cole and Roger P Weissberg
Substance Use and Abuse among Urban Adolescents
Fay E Reilly et al
Substance Misuse among Rural Adolescents
Paul V Trad
Pharmacologic Aspects of Psychoactive Substances
Implications for Medical Management

Annette U Rickel and Evvie Becker-Lausen
Treating the Adolescent Drug Misuser
Aleta V Meyer
Minimization of Substance Abuse
What Can Be Said at this Point?

Thomas Nicholson
Social Policy and Adolescent Drug Consumption
The Legalization Option

Thomas P Gullotta
Adolescent Substance Misuse
Personal Reflections on a Theme


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