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Studies in Indian Sociology

Studies in Indian Sociology

First Edition
Seven Volume Set
Edited by:

Series Editor: Jacob John Kattakayam

December 2011 | 2 120 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Studies in Indian Sociology, is an invaluable collection of scholarly works. The seven volumes in this series bring together the perspectives and research of some of the best-known academics and practitioners from the discipline of Sociology.

The first six volumes in the series are a collection of theme-based articles that have been published in the ISS’s biannual journal Sociological Bulletin. The seventh volume, Indian Sociology over the Years, is a collection of select ISS presidential addresses, edited by Jacob John Kattakayam.

The fact that some of the articles that will appear in this series are several decades old and hence have fallen out of our immediate reach increases their value immeasurably. The publication of this series is also an attempt to commemorate the contributions and contributors of ISS to both the discipline of Sociology and society.

This Volumes in this set includes:
Volume 1: Indian Sociology: Issues And Challenges
Editor: L Thara Bhai
Volume 2: Changing Caste: Ideology, Identity and Mobility
Editor: Surinder S Jodhka
Volume 3: Agrarian Change and Mobilisation
Editor: B B Mohanty
Volume 4: On The Margins: Tribes, Castes, and Other Social Categories
Editor: Abhijit Dasgupta
Volume 5: Themes in Sociology of Education
Editor: R Indira
Volume 6: Sociology of Social Movement
Editor: D R Sahu
Volume 7: Indian Sociology Over the Years: Selected Presidential Addresses of AISC, 1967–2010
Editor: Jacob John Kattakayam
Foreword T K Oommen
Introduction L Thara Bhai
Sociology in Independent India D P Mukerji
Sociology of Development and Planning in India R N Saksena
Indian Sociology: Historical Development and Present Problems Ramkrishna Mukherjee
The Role of Social Sciences in India: A Sociology of Knowledge Yogendra Singh
Sociology of Indian Tradition and Tradition of Indian Sociology Krishna Prakash Gupta
Teaching and Research in Sociology in India C Lakshmanna
Reflections on Social Science Research in India P C Joshi
Indian Sociology: Search for Authentic Identity A R Momin
Indian Sociology and Sociology in India: Some Reflexions on Their Being Jayant K Lele
Sociology in India: A Plea for Contextualisation T K Oommen
Sociology in India and Its Future M N Srinivas
Beyond Fifty Years of India's Independence: Challenges to Scientific Sociology Victor S D'Souza
Indian Sociology in Crisis: The Need for Regional Orientation Hetukar Jha
Locating the Humanities and the Social Sciences in Institutes of Technology Ravinder Kaur
Sociology and Current Affairs André Béteille
Foreword Dipankar Gupta
Introduction Surinder S Jodhka
Part One: Conceptualizing Change
Varna and Jati André Béteille
Caste and Class: Some Aspects of Continuity and Change Yogendra Singh
A Conceptual Framework for the Analysis of Caste Yogesh Atal
Sanskritisation Revisited A M Shah
Part Two: Dimensions of Change
Caste in Transition K M Kapadia
Social Mobility among the Madiga of Karnataka Lalita Chandrashekhar
Social Mobility and Conversion of the Mahars Sunanda Patwardhan
Co-operatives and Caste in Maharashtra: A Case Study B S Baviskar
Part Three: Ideology, Identity and Political Sociology of Caste
Ideology, Power and Resistance in a South Indian Village N Sudhakar Rao
The Dalit Sahitya Movement in Maharashtra: A Sociological Analysis Uttam Bhoite and Anuradha Bhoite
Caste and Democracy: Assertion and Identity among the Dalits of Rural Punjab Surinder S Jodhka
Caste, Ethnicity and Problems of National Identity in Sri Lanka Kalinga Tudor Silva
Foreword D N Dhanagare
Introduction: Agrarian Studies in Indian Sociology B B Mohanty
Part One: Changing Agrarian Economy: Land, Labour and Credit
Landholding Pattern and Power Relations in a Mysore Village C Parvathamma
Understanding Economic Exchanges in Rural India: Towards a Framework Balgovind Baboo
Agricultural Modernisation in Rural Orissa: Land Transfer and Ownership Pattern B B Mohanty
Mutual Exchange Labour in a Changing Agrarian Economy G K Karanth
Agrarian Relations in Tanjore District, South India André Béteille
Classes and Classification among the Peasantry of Central India: Relations of Production in Village Parsania, Madhya Pradesh Ravindra K Jain
Evolution of Agrarian Structure and Relations in Jalpaiguri District (West Bengal): A Case Study of Subsistence Setting Virginius Xaxa
Caste, Agrarian Relations and Agrarian Conflicts Gail Omvedt
Class Structure in Rural Orissa Jaganath Pathy
Caste and Agrarian Economic Structure-A Study of Rural Bihar Gaurang R Sahay
Part Two: Agrarian Change and Social Mobilization
The Politics of Survival: Peasant Organizations and the Left-wing in India, 1925-46 D N Dhanagare
Agrarian Structure, Proletarianisation and Social Mobilisation Partha Nath Mukherji and Manabendu Chattopadhyay
Agrarian Structure and Peasant Mobilisation: The Bataidari Struggle in Madhubani, 1967-75 M N Karna
Agrarian Classes and Political Mobilization in India T K Oommen
Foreword Virginius Xaxa
Introduction Abhijit Dasgupta
Part One: The Socio-Cultural Marginality: Dalits and Tribes
The Weaker Sections of Society: The Scheduled Castes in India C Parvathamma
Understanding the Modern Dalit Movement John C B Webster
Socio-cultural Marginality: A Theory of Urban Slums and Poverty in India Victor S D'Souza
Meaning and Process of Tribal Integration in a Democratic Society B K Roy Burman
Homecoming: Ho Women, Work, and Land Rights in Jharkhand Ritambhara Hebbar
Part Two: The Working Class
The Field of Labour N R Sheth
Rajasthani Contract Labour in Delhi: A Case Study of the Relationship between Company, Middleman and Worker Maren Bellwinkel
Organising Unorganised Workers: The Case of Bindery Workers in Calcutta Biswajit Ghosh
Part Three: Marginal and Liminal Categories
On Some Aspects of Family Structures of the Refugees of West Bengal 1947-48 Kanti Pakras
Foreigners, Refugees and Outsiders in the Indian Context T K Oommen
Negotiating Gender and Disability in Rural Haryana Nilika Mehrotra
Foreword A R Vasavi
Introduction: Themes in Sociology of Education (1959-2010) R Indira
Part One: Debates and Perspectives
Sociology of Education-An Attempt at Definition and Scope B V Shah
Education, Social Structure and Culture Asoke Basu
Feminist Pedagogy and Sociology for Emancipation in India Sharmila Rege
For Sociology in Teacher Education Karuna Ahmad
In Search of Relevant Education Mala Khullar
Part Two: Women and Minorities: Educational Experiences
Ethnicity and Education: A Socio-historical Perspective on the Educational Backwardness of Indian Muslims N Jayaram
The Gender Gap in Literacy and Education among the Scheduled Tribes in Jharkhand and West Bengal Arun Kumar Ghosh
Women Research Scholars in IITs: Impact of Social Milieu and Organizational Environment Namrata Gupta
Part Three: Policy and Pedagogies
Educational Policy in India: Critical Issues A R Kamat
Lessons from Contemporary Schools Nita Kumar
Part Four: Environment
Teaching of Sociology through the Regional Language Neera Desai and Sudha Gogate
The Changing Roles of Intellectuals in the Twentieth Century Rajendra Pandey
Foreword Partha Nath Mukherji
Introduction D R Sahu
Part One: Conceptual and Theoretical
Social Movement and Social Change: Towards a Conceptual Clarification and Theoretical Framework Partha Nath Mukherji
Sociological Issues in the Analysis of Social Movements in Independent India T K Oommen
Movements of Protest, Construction of Centres and State Formation in India and Europe S N Eisenstadt and Harriet Hartman
Part Two: Agrarian
Agrarian Social Structure and Peasant Unrest: A Study of Land-grab Movement in District Basti, East U.P. Rajendra Singh
Traditional Institutions and Cultural Practices vis-à-vis Agrarian Mobilisation: The Case of Bhartiya Kisan Union Gaurang R Sahay
Politics of Class (ness) in the Farmers' Movement in India: Validity of the New Social Movement Paradigm Vibha Arora
Part Three: Adivasis/Minorities
The Janajati/Adivasi Movement in Nepal: Myths and Realities of Indigeneity Gérard Toffin
Social Origins of the Sri Lankan Tamils' Militant Movement Chitra Sivakumar
Part Four: Environment
Parks, People and Protest: The Mediating Role of Environmental Action Groups Ranjit Dwivedi
Global Discourses and Local Mobilisations: The Case of 'Barh Mukti Abhiyan' Manish K Thakur
Revisiting the Baliraja Dam Struggle: A Study of an Environmental Movement in Maharashtra Satyapriya Rout
Foreword T N Madan
Introduction Jacob John Kattakayam
Sociology and Sociologists in India Today M N Srinivas
Modernization and Development: Trends in India R N Saksena
The Sociologist and the Social Reality Ramkrishna Mukherjee
Indian Sociology at the Turning Point S C Dube
The Concept of Desired Type of Society and the Problems of Social Change I P Desai
Relevance of the Marxist Approach to the Study of Indian Society A R Desai
Social Policy and the Sociologist M S Gore
Problems and Perspectives in the Study of Sociology Y B Damle
Sociology and Social Transformation in India: The Neglect of the Idea of Fraternity Victor S D'Souza
Rural Probings: The Launching Base and the Rockets Brijraj Chauhan
Some Reflections on Sociological Research and Teaching in India A M Shah
Sociology and the Emerging Challenge of Change Yogendra Singh
The Future of Independent India: What Can Sociologists Do? Indra Deva
Conceptualising Nation and Nationality in South Asia T K Oommen
NGOs and Civil Society in India B S Baviskar
Social Policy Concerns in Indian Sociology D N Dhanagare
Sociology for What? Rethinking Sociology in an Era of Transformatory Changes Partha Nath Mukherji
Sociology's Quest for 'Society': An Enquiry into the Current Pursuits and Needed Concerns in the Discipline P K B Nayar
Higher Education in India: A System on the Verge of Chaos Uttam B Bhoite
Development, Polity, and Social Tensions Jacob John Kattakayam

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