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Student Study Guide for Foundations of Psychological Testing

Student Study Guide for Foundations of Psychological Testing

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Psychometrics | Test & Measurement

October 2015 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The Student Study Guide for Foundations of Psychological Testing has 15 chapters corresponding to those in the main text and follows a consistent structure for quick and easy access to key information. To help students understand and apply material related to psychological testing, the guide offers overviews, learning objectives, outlines, key concepts, crossword puzzles, tips by learning objective, additional exercises, additional learning activities, practice questions, and answer keys.

Save your students money! Bundle the guide with the main text. Use Bundle ISBN: 978-1-5063-2208-7.

The main text, Foundations of Psychological Testing: A Practical Approach, Fifth Edition, offers a clear introduction to the basics of psychological testing as well as to psychometrics and statistics. The practical book includes discussion of foundational concepts and issues, using real-life examples and situations students will easily recognize, relate to, and find interesting. A variety of pedagogical tools further the conceptual understanding needed for effective use of tests and test scores. Now aligned with the 2014 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, the Fifth Edition offers new and expanded content throughout.

Chapter 1: What Are Psychological Tests?
Chapter 2: Why Is Psychological Testing Important?
Chapter 3: Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Use Psychological Tests?
Chapter 4: How Does Computerized Testing Work?
Chapter 5: How Do Test Users Interpret Test Scores?
Chapter 6: What Is Test Reliability/Precision?
Chapter 7: How Do We Gather Evidence of Validity Based on the Content of a Test?
Chapter 8: How Do We Gather Evidence of Validity Based on Test–Criterion Relationships?
Chapter 9: How Do We Gather Evidence of Validity Based on a Test’s Relation to Constructs?
Chapter 10: How Do We Construct and Administer Surveys and Use Survey Data?
Chapter 11: How Do We Develop a Test?
Chapter 12: How Do We Assess the Psychometric Quality of a Test?
Chapter 13: How Are Tests Used in Educational Settings?
Chapter 14: How Are Tests Used in Clinical and Counseling Settings?
Chapter 15: How Are Tests Used in Organizational Settings?

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