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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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April 2021 | 768 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The 9th edition of Strategic Management offers comprehensive coverage of all the core areas of business strategy with a strong global perspective.

Key features:

  • Balanced coverage of prescriptive and emergent models of strategic management.
  • Application of strategic theory to new areas including technology and innovation strategy, sustainability and green strategy, entrepreneurial strategy and public sector strategy.
  • Major revisions to chapters on Strategic Purpose, Knowledge and Networks, Theories of Entrepreneurship and International and Global Strategy in line with key developments.
  • 20 brand new cases and updated case material throughout exploring the shifting economic fortunes of companies around the world, the rise of developing nations and rapid changes in communications and technology including the impact of the Corona virus.
  • Range of tools within the book and online to support your learning including key strategic principles, strategic project ideas, critical reflections, questions and further reading.

Richard Lynch is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management at Middlesex University, London.

Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Strategic Management
Chapter 2: A Review of Theory and Practice
Part 2: Strategic analysis and purpose
Chapter 3: Analysing the Strategic Environment
Chapter 4: Analysing resources and capabilities
Chapter 5: Strategy Dynamics
Chapter 6: Prescriptive Purpose Delivered Through Mission, Objectives And Ethics
Chapter 7: Purpose Emerging From Innovation, New Resources And Technologies
Part 3: Developing the strategy
Chapter 8: Developing Business-Level Strategy Options
Chapter 9: Developing Corporate-Level Strategy Options
Chapter 10: Strategy Evaluation And Development: The Prescriptive Process
Chapter 11: Finding The Strategic Route Forward From Knowledge, Learning And Networks
Chapter 12: Organisational Structure, Style And People
Part 4: The implementation process
Chapter 13: Implementing And Controlling The Strategic
Chapter 14: Green Strategy And Sustainability
Chapter 15: Managing Strategic Change
Part 5: Different Strategy Contexts
Chapter 16: Strategic Leadership
Chapter 17: Entrepreneurial strategy
Chapter 18: Government, public sector and not-for-profit strategies
Chapter 19: International expansion and Globalisation Strategies


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