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Statistics for Psychology

Statistics for Psychology
A Beginner's Guide

Second Edition
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January 2023 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Statistics for Psychology is an interactive, highly visual, and accessible guide to the statistical practices you will encounter as a psychology student. Its software-agnostic approach keeps the focus on the core principles, rather than getting bogged down in complicated formulae and jargon. This book is based on the authors' BPS commended programme. It focusses on providing the strong foundational understanding you’ll need to use statistics confidently and creatively rather than the software-specific way in which statistics is often taught.

This edition includes:
  • new content throughout on being a responsible researcher,
  • a new chapter to support you in presenting your research to a critical audience,
  • carefully designed graphics to explain statistical principles,
  • “your turn” exercises to test your understanding of each chapter.

This book is the ideal guide for students approaching statistics and research methods in psychology for the first time. 

Roger Watt is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Stirling.
Elizabeth Collins is a researcher with a PhD in Psychology. 

Chapter 1: Why Do We Need Statistics?
Chapter 2: The Research Cycle
Chapter 3: Variables
Chapter 4: Relationships between Variables
Intermezzo 1: Correlation
Chapter 5: Uncertainty
Chapter 6: Null Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 7: Statistical Tests for One Independent Variable
Intermezzo 2: Alternatives to NHST: Bayes and Likelihood
Chapter 8: Minimising Uncertainty: Research Design
Chapter 9: Measurements and Uncertainty
Chapter 10: Sampling and Uncertainty
Intermezzo 3: Uncertain Power Analysis
Chapter 11: Hypotheses with More than One Independent Variable
Chapter 12: Covariations: Relationships between Two Independent Variables
Chapter 13: Analysing Data with Two or More Independent Variables
Chapter 14: Which Model is Best?
Intermezzo 4: Combining Multiple Studies: Replication and Meta-Analysis
Chapter 15: Contributing to Knowledge

Easily accessible and suitably comprehensive for the students on our course.

Dr Tim Cooke
School of Psychology, Southampton University
May 22, 2023

I liked the presentation of the book a lot. The book also covers well the basic of research methods from the statistical point of view. However, for my course's purposes, there was too much emphasis on the research methods (which will be covered on another course) and too little about the exact statistical analyses we will cover during the course.

Dr Tuomo Häikiö
Department of Psychology, University of Turku
June 22, 2023

A very good book that provides useful background information for any undergraduate psychology student.

Dr Eugene McSorley
School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences, Reading University
February 28, 2023

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