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State Devolution in America

State Devolution in America
Implications for a Diverse Society

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Volume: 48
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Planning (General)

October 1997 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The contributors to this volume analyze the impetus, nature and impact of state devolution in the United States. While debates over such changes typically centre on economic, political, and social change, the contributors shift the debate to an examination of the complex geographical implications of devolution.

In a society territorially fragmented and diverse as exists in the US, changes in the form and function of government are experienced differently in different parts of the country. This volume details the outcomes of restructuring and explores how the redistribution of resources and responsibilities affects the lives of all Americans.

Lynn A Staeheli, Janet E Kodras and Colin Flint
Robert W Lake
State Restructuring, Political Opportunism and Capital Mobility
John O'Loughlin
Economic Gobalization and Income Inequality in the United States
Janet E Kodras
Globalization and Social Restructuring of the American Population
Geographies of Exclusion and Vulnerability

Lynn A Staeheli
Citizenship and the Search for Community
Janet E Kodras
Restructuring the State
Devolution, Privatization and the Geographic Redistribution of Power and Capacity in Governance

Julian Wolpert
How Federal Cutbacks Affect the Charitable Sector
Don Mitchell
State Restructuring and the Importance of `Rights-Talk'
Brian Page
FAIR or Foul? Remaking Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century
Andrew Herod
Back to the Future in Labor Relations
From the New Deal to Newt's Deal

Meghan Cope
Responsibility, Regulation and Retrenchment
The End of Welfare?

Richard Wright
Transnationalism, Nationalism and International Migration
The Changing Role and Relevance of the State

Fred M Shelley
Education Policy and the 104th Congress
Marvin Waterstone
Environmental Policy and Government Restructuring
Colin Flint
Regional Collective Memories and the Ideology of State Restructuring


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