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Sociology and Social Justice

Sociology and Social Justice

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November 2018 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"Superbly conceptualises and contextualises social justice in and for our global age. The stellar cast of sociologists connect concepts to practices and outline the challenges we face, as well as providing necessary responses."

Gurminder K Bhambra, Professor of Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, University of Sussex"

A collection of brilliant essays by international scholar-activists, examining concepts and practices from diverse contexts."
Mary Romero, Professor of Justice Studies and Social Inquiry, Arizona State University

"An excellent set of chapters bringing to the fore new perspectives on the social injustices and inequalities facing a world in crisis."
Kammila Naidoo, Professor of Sociology, University of Johannesburg

By using contextual global sociology, Sociology and Social Justice explores:

  • Historic and contemporary sites and contexts around the world
  • Sociological insights on topics ranging from social movements, to cyber space.
  • International struggles, processes, and outcomes

Written by distinguished international scholars, this is an essential text for those looking at issues of: Human Rights, Public Sociology, Democratization, Gender, and Globalization.

Margaret Abraham
About the Editor and Contributors
Margaret Abraham
Introduction: Sociology and Social Justice
Michael Burawoy
A New Sociology for Social Justice Movements
Edgardo Lander
The End of Liberal Democracy: Inequality in Post-democratic Capitalist Societies
Vishal Jadhav
Social Justice, Inequalities and Democracy in India: Issues and Challenges
Nira Yuval-Davis
Gendering Human Rights in the Pursuit of Social Justice
Bandana Purkayastha
Beyond Charters and Conventions: Human Rights Through the Lens of Social Justice and Peace
Tina Uys
Whistleblowing and Social Justice: The Influence of Ubuntu on Whistleblowing Intentions
Raewyn Connell
Equal Schools, Global Power and Hungry Markets: Sociology in the Long Struggle for Social Justice in Education
Ngai Pun, Jenny Chan, and Mark Selden
Suicide or Murder? Apple, Foxconn and China’s Workers
Margaret Abraham and Mathew John
Protest Suicides, Social Justice, and Public Sociology
Marta Soler-Gallart
Engaging Society. How Public Sociology Contributes to Overcoming Inequalities and Injustice
Evangelia Tastsoglou and Maria Kontos
Struggles for Social Justice in the 21st Century: The Breakdown of Normality and the Practice of Citizenship
Mikhail F. Chernysh
Social Justice Perceptions, Class and Institutions in Contemporary Russian Context
Brigitte Aulenbacher and Birgit Riegraf
Re-Discovering Justice

An excellent set of chapters that bring to the fore new perspectives on the persistence of social injustices and inequalities facing a contemporary world in crisis. The book is theoretically and empirically rigorous, and integrates compelling and thought-provoking scenarios from various parts of the world.

Prof Kammila Naidoo, Department of Sociology, University of Johannesburg

This very impressive collection, edited by Margaret Abraham, reinvigorates the criticality of the social in sociology via its exploration of the global, contextualised, terrain of social justice. Through the scholarship of its authors, all internationally leading sociologists, the book reconceptualises social justice as a centre of sociological action, as a disciplinary enterprise of deploying our knowledges and resources towards creating a more just world.
Within and across the beautifully written chapters, the book positions social injustice as systemic and structurally embedded, intrinsically linked to the pervasive influence of neoliberal globalization. The various manifestations of contemporary global social injustice, inclusive of human rights breaches, labour exploitation, ongoing gender violence, the breakdown of democracies, the consequences of the bankrupting of nation states, the increasing concentrations of wealth and, of inequality, across its many guises, are reframed. The injustices identified and theorised, while all exhibiting specific, cultural geographical, historical, economic and political contexts, are shown as not just a series of separate subordinations but connected, part of an overarching social phenomenon.
The book reminds us that it is not enough for sociology to offer research insights into social injustice, or even be committed to social justice. Rather our discipline by its nature and its history is tasked with publicly taking the lead in challenging social injustices while simultaneously championing the enactment of social justice. That obligation, at the global, national and local levels, is required as much now as it ever was.

Prof Maggie Walter, Department of Sociology, University of Tasmania

This volume superbly conceptualises and contextualises social justice in and for our global age. The stellar cast of sociologists brought together by Professor Abraham connect concepts to practices and outline the challenges we face as well as providing necessary responses to them. This is public sociology at its most engaged and should be vital reading for all those concerned with the complexity of social problems and forms of inequality that increasingly disfigure our societies.

Professor Gurminder K Bhambra, University of Sussex

A collection of brilliant essays authored by an international group of respected scholar-activists, which examine concepts and practices of social justice from diverse contexts. This is a must-read for anyone engaged in public sociology and interested in using their teaching, research and actions toward building a more just society.

Mary Romero, Professor of Justice Studies and Social Inquiry, Arizona State University

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