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Social Hegemony in Contemporary India

Social Hegemony in Contemporary India

Edited by:
  • R. Thirunavukkarasu - currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Hyderabad

April 2021 | 308 pages | SAGE India
This edited book offers insights into the social inequalities that plague India and are often hidden behind terms like ‘law and order’ and ‘constitutional democracy’. Though the market-driven economy was once expected to radically transform the heavily hierarchical Indian society into a more egalitarian order, the society remains unequal despite almost three decades of liberalization. Therefore, the liberal rhetoric of a democratic order and the free market guaranteeing social justice needs to be reappraised.  

Social Hegemony in Contemporary India demonstrates how socially privileged sections after acquiring and consolidating power at an alarming rate are now even more dominant over the lives of common Indians than at any time after 1947. Consequently, many communities—like Dalits and other neglected minorities—have been disempowered and pushed to the margins. Any resistance to the dominant social order and its status quo is punished through ostracization and violence. The mission for social justice, therefore, needs a fresh approach and actionable change from those who aspire for a truly liberated India, unshackled from inequity and bias.
R. Thirunavukkarasu
Introduction—Caste and Inequality: Mapping the New Normalcy
T. K. Oommen
Societal Complexity and Sources of Inequality: Situating India
Section A – Social Hegemony and the Market
Amiya Kumar Das
Interrogating Dalit Capitalism in the Neoliberal Era: Illusion or Reality
Tanweer Fazal
‘Migrant’, ‘Home’ and Politics: Bihari Labour in the Metropolis
Section B – Social Hegemony and Politics
R. Thirunavukkarasu
Illiberal State and the Myth of a Civil Society
Shaileshkumar Darokar
Deconstructing the Practice of Manual Scavenging: Critical Insights
Section C – Social Hegemony, Media and Culture
Karthick Ram Manoharan
Understanding the Ideological Nature of Caste violence in Tamil Nadu: Particularism and Universalism
Archana Singh
Deconstructing the Language of Hegemony
C. Jerome Samraj
Revitalizing Caste Hierarchies through State, Law and Order, and Judiciary
P. Ramajayam
Identity, Representation and Reservation: Dravidian Politics towards Muslims
Manoj Kumar Jena
Caste, Ideology and Hegemony in Indian Media: A Critical Inquiry

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