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SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods: Foundations

SAGE Research Methods Foundations provides a concise introduction to methods and research terms for those who are new to research in general or to that particular method. While a general search can provide an overwhelming number of results, SAGE Research Methods Foundations offers a targeted list of entries to guide users through the content. The navigation menu puts the entry in context, so users can easily find more general topics related to a method or continue on to more specific sub-topics. Each entry will give users a general understanding of the topic and help them focus their search for additional content if they wish to dive deeper. 

The hundreds of entries—written by a renowned international roster of methods experts—cover qualitative and quantitative methods, key research studies, and profiles of important researchers. Foundation Entries cover the history, development, and debates around the major topics in research methods, and each Foundation Entry is related to supportive entries, as well as Pioneers in each field. These biographical entries evaluate the lasting contributions of both classic figures and lesser-known researchers whose work had gone unrecognized, including female and ethnic minority scholars.

Foundations is a perfect complement to the SAGE Research Methods suite, providing less experienced users with a guided starting point.

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Content & Features

  • Dynamic site architecture guides users through content
  • Entries are grouped into thematic series
  • Newly commissioned content covers hundreds of methods and research concepts, including key studies and profiles of key figures in research
  • What’s Next tool guides users through a natural progression through concepts based on what they’ve already viewed
  • Content is connected to the Methods Map
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