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Sage eTextbooks

How to access Sage eTextbooks

There are several different ways for institutions or individuals to access Sage eTextbooks. Learn more about the options below, and speak to your local Sage representative to discuss which is best for you or your students. Sage UK has also published a statement on our principles of eTextbook provision. To read it, please click here.

Direct from eBook Vendor

  • Sage eBooks can be ordered from most major retail eBook vendors including VitalSource, Amazon Kindle, Google Play,, Kobo, and a wide range of regional booksellers.
  • Students or individuals buy directly, at full digital list price (minus any discount offered by the vendor)

Sage Catalyst

  • Sage Catalyst is a new collaborative teaching and learning tool, loaded with our premium collection of over 600 social science eTextbooks, including core texts in business & management, research methods, education, psychology, and more.
  • Powered by Talis Elevate, social science faculty can embed chapters directly into your institution’s VLE and engage with students via commenting directly within the textbooks and other resources in virtual classroom discussions.
  • Libraries can get an annual subscription to get unlimited, university-wide access to the eTextbooks; discoverable via MARC records, a unique discovery layer, or integration directly into your VLE.

Single Title Access Codes & VLE Integrations

  • Sage can provide access codes to allocate to students, to download a copy of the eBook from an online platform on their own PC or mobile device.
  • We can also arrange for the eBook to be integrated into your institution’s VLE, allowing students to download their own copy from there.
  • Access is for 365 days online with perpetual download. The price is as agreed with your Sage sales representative, and invoiced upfront for an agreed number of students, either directly to you or the institution, or via a third party (e.g. a bookseller).

VitalSource, Kortext, and BibliU Institutional Schemes

  • Sage eBooks are available through these eBook aggregators, and this option is suitable for supporting cohorts of various sizes.

  • Individual students are supplied with their own copy of the eBook for one year.

  • The aggregator platform is responsible for invoicing and providing access. Pricing is based on course enrolment.

Askews and Holts/Browns Books for Students VLeBooks platform

  • We are currently offering a wide range of Sage eBooks through the VLeBooks platform on a ‘Price on Application’ basis, for 1, 2 or 3-year subscription access, both to Higher Education Institutions and Further Education colleges. A number of subject collections are offered for FE Colleges.

  • Pricing is based on course enrolment and access is provided to the whole institution. Concurrent access is unlimited.

VitalSource Explore

  • A title – or collection of titles – can be hosted on VitalSource’s Explore site. This option is suitable for institutions seeking campus-wide access, or for a specific cohort. It is often used to deliver subject collections, e.g. core Nursing titles for first year students.
  • Sage can arrange for the Explore site to be set up for you (if not already in place). 
  • Titles can be priced individually, or as a collection, and dependent on the size of the cohort and access term. 
  • Distributing the eBook(s) in this way is similar to using a VLE. Access is distributed via VitalSource Manage, which can also provide a report of all accesses to the eBook in question. Concurrent access is unlimited.

Library eTextbooks (Talis)

  • The Talis Player is a unique online offering from Sage, providing students with access to eBooks through a link. Titles are made accessible across the institution via the library catalogue, and Talis helps librarians manage title-level reporting.
  • Pricing is based on course enrolment and access is provided to the whole institution. Concurrent access is unlimited.


Find out more about Sage's exciting eBook programme here or contact your local representative to learn how our digital solutions can fit your specific course needs. 

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