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Alternative Law Journal

New to SAGE in 2017, the Alternative Law Journal has been Australia's leading law reform journal for over 40 years. It is a peer reviewed quarterly journal, focusing on issues of social justice and human rights, critique of the legal system, developments in alternative practice and community legal education.

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Special Issues


Criminal Justice and Behavior

Special Issue: Using Biosocial Criminology to Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes

The August 2017 special issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior puts forth several ideas on how biosocial criminology can inform practices within the courtroom and in corrections.

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Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology

The September 2017 issue of Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology features articles on countering the Australian 'ndrangheta', bullying of Australian paramilitary and their work outcomes, and Police supervisors' work-related attitudes in China.

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Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal

The August 2017 issue of Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal explores Criminology in Asia and focuses on the theme of methodological pluralism.

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Punishment & Society

Special Issue: The Maelstrom of Punishment, Mental Illness, Intellectual Disability and Cognitive Impairment

This issue brings together research that considers some of the specific practices that seek to target, control and contain individuals with mental illnesses, disabilities or cognitive impairments within and/or beyond the prison, in addition to empirical research and theoretical interrogations of the role and practice of imprisonment in confining and punishing these populations.

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European Journal of Criminology

The January issue of the European Journal of Criminology was on the theme of “Crimmigration in Europe” and explores the current wave of mass migration (and reactions to it) from a criminological perspective.

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Feminist Criminology

Special Issue: Bringing Latinas to the Forefront: Latina Girls, Women, and the Justice System

In this issue, the editors sought to further understand the lived experiences of Latinas involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

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Social & Legal Studies

The August issue of Social & Legal Studies contains a range of articles on socio-legal issues including consent, rape myths, divorce law, juvenile justice, and vulnerability.

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Journal News 


Announcing a new editor for the European Journal of Criminology

We are delighted to welcome Professor Dario Melossi to the editorship of the European Journal of Criminology, published in partnership with the European Society of Criminology (ESC). The journal brings together broad theoretical accounts of crime, analyses of quantitative data, comparative studies, systematic evaluations of interventions, and discussions of criminal justice institutions.

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Youth Justice panel session at ESC

Youth Justice are holding a panel session at the European Society of Criminology conference in Cardiff at 10:00am on 14th September. The panel will discuss transformations in European Youth Justice and whether in this unprecedented contemporary climate, contemporary youth justice systems can negotiate such complex terrain without compromising their core principles.

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Noteworthy Articles 



Officer attitudes toward citizen review and professional accountability by Heeuk D. Lee, Peter A. Collins, Ming-Li Hsieh, Francis D. Boateng, and David Brody

Calls for Papers 


Probation Journal

2018 Special Edition Call for Papers: Punishment, sentencing and probation

The aim of this special edition is to explore the relationship between probation, sentencing, and the concept of punishment. It will consider both established and emerging sentencing practices. Deadline for submissions: 15th September 2017.

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Medicine, Science and the Law

Medicine, Science and the Law is the official journal of the British Academy for Forensic Sciences (BAFS). It is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the knowledge of forensic science and medicine. The journal aims to inform its readers from a broad perspective and demonstrate the interrelated nature and scope of the forensic disciplines. Through a variety of authoritative research articles submitted from across the globe, it covers a range of topical medico-legal issues. The journal keeps its readers informed of developments and trends through reporting, discussing and debating current issues of importance in forensic practice.

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The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Material published in JLME contributes to the educational mission of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, covering public health, health disparities, patient safety and quality of care, and biomedical science and research. It provides articles on such timely topics as health care quality and access, managed care, pain relief, genetics, child/maternal health, reproductive health, informed consent, assisted dying, ethics committees, HIV/AIDS, and public health. Symposium issues review significant policy developments, health law court decisions, and books.

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Featured Books 

Corrections: From Research, to Policy, to Practice

Corrections: From Research, to Policy, to Practice by Mary K. Stohr and Anthony Walsh

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice: A Guide to Theory, Policy, and Practice by Steven M. Cox, Jennifer M. Allen and Robert D. Hanser



Sexual Scripts and Criminal Statutes: Gender Restrictions, Spousal Allowances, and Victim Accountability After Rape Law Reform

Author Ethan Czuy Levine discusses his article, "Sexual Scripts and Criminal Statutes: Gender Restrictions, Spousal Allowances, and Victim Accountability After Rape Law Reform," published in the February 2017 issue of Violence Against Women.

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Upcoming Conferences 

European Society of Criminology (ESC)

The theme for the 2017 meeting is “Challenging ‘Crime’ and ‘Crime Control’ in Contemporary Europe.” The theme of the conference explores four key challenges for ‘crime’ and ‘crime control’ as phenomena and criminology as a discipline.

September 13-16, 2017 │ Cardiff, Wales, UK

World Congress on Probation (WCP)

Join Ioan Durnescu and Hannah Graham, Editors of the European Journal of Probation, at the 3rd World Congress of Probation—welcoming policymakers, practitioners, and researchers involved in probation and community corrections from all over the world. More details in the conference program.

September 12-14, 2017 | Tokyo, Japan

Napo’s Annual General Meeting and Conference

Napo's 2017 AGM will be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham University. Members can register – click here for papers and further information. The editors of Probation Journal will be running a special session on the journal during the event.

October 13-14, 2017 | Nottingham, UK

Association for Treatment of Sexual Abuse Conference (ATSA)

The 36th Annual Research and Treatment Conference will offer symposia, workshop presentations, poster sessions, discussion groups, and advanced clinics relating to issues in both victim and perpetrator research and treatment. All sessions, with the exception of posters, have been approved for Continuing Education credits. Each presentation will provide information and training based on cutting edge research development and clinical application. The format is designed to best facilitate interaction with and learning from some of the most advanced practitioners and researchers in the field of sexual abuse.

October 25-28, 2017 │ Kansas City, MO

American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting (ASC)

The American Society of Criminology (ASC) is an international organization whose members pursue scholarly, scientific, and professional knowledge concerning the measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency. The Society conducts an annual meeting devoted to discussions of topics of general interest. The theme for the 2017 meeting is “Crime, Legitimacy and Reform: Fifty Years after the President’s Commission.”

November 15-18, 2017 │ Philadelphia, PA

Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC)

Celebrating 50 years of ANZSOC, the 2017 conference theme is “Acknowledging the past, imagining the future.” The 30th Annual Conference will bring together academics, researchers, students, policy makers, and practitioners from across the criminology and criminal justice field to share knowledge and insights from criminology’s rich traditions, its vital current contributions, and its emerging future.

December 5-8, 2017 | QT Canberra, Australia

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