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How Government Agencies Write Law and Make Policy

Fifth Edition

August 2018 | 304 pages | CQ Press

Rulemaking’s logic was transparent and intuitive—a wonderful review of rule-making.”

—Paul Pavlich, Southern Oregon University

In this thought-provoking new edition of their highly regarded text, authors Kerwin and Furlong help students grasp the dynamics of today’s American politics by showing them how rulemaking remains an elemental part of our government system. Rulemaking, Fifth Edition, brings concepts to life with the inclusion of new data, a fresh analysis of interest group participation, and new coverage of the Trump administration’s actions from executive orders and key personnel to agencies’ responses to changes. An invaluable and accessible guide to an intensely political process, this much-anticipated edition contains the most current scholarship on a crucial yet understudied subject.

New to the Fifth Edition

  • New scholarship from the past five to six years provides readers with the latest research and analysis in rulemaking.
  • Updated information on the Obama administration and the beginning of the Trump Administration puts rulemaking in context and demonstrates how different administrations use this tool.
  • New tables and charts reflect the most recent data available to better illustrate the trends and patterns of rulemaking.

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List of Tables and Figures
Chapter 1: The Substance of Rules and the Reasons for Rulemaking
The Definition of Rulemaking  
The History of Rulemaking  
Categories of Rules  
The Reasons for Rulemaking: What It Has to Offer  
Chapter 2: The Process of Rulemaking
Process and Substance  
The Core Elements of Rulemaking: Information, Participation, Accountability  
Information: Increased Legal Requirements  
Participation: Expanded Opportunities Mandated by Law  
Mechanisms of Accountability  
How the APA Model Has Changed  
Exceptions, Exemptions, and Evasions  
The Stages of Rulemaking  
Chapter 3: Issues and Contradictions
The Volume of Rulemaking  
Quality and Consequences  
Bureaucratic Discretion  
The Effects of Rulemaking  
Inseparable Issues  
Chapter 4: The Management of Rulemaking
Presidential Management  
Management on the Agency Level  
Managing Individual Rules  
Chapter 5: Participation in Rulemaking
The Purposes of Participation  
The Origins and History of Participation  
Actual Patterns of Participation  
Does Participation Matter?  
Chapter 6: Oversight of Rulemaking
Accountability and Congress  
Accountability to the President  
Accountability to the Courts  
Chapter 7: Rulemaking: Theory and Reform
The Value of Theory  
Elements of Rulemaking Theory  
The Reform of Rulemaking  
Appendix: Titles and Chapters in the Code of Federal Regulations
About the Authors

Rulemaking’s logic was transparent and intuitive—a wonderful review of rule-making.”

Paul Pavlich
Southern Oregon University

Rulemaking (like any other form of policymaking) isn't as linear as we often think, but Kerwin and Furlong do a good job of organizing it in the most logical way possible.”

Michael Gruszczynski
University of Nebraska—Lincoln

Rulemaking is readable for undergraduates of all levels.”

Sara Rinfret
Hartwick College

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ISBN: 9781483352817