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Rise of Rural Consumers in Developing Countries

Rise of Rural Consumers in Developing Countries
Harvesting 3 Billion Aspirations

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

September 2016 | 212 pages | SAGE Response

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This is the first comprehensive book highlighting the expanding consumer power of rural markets in developing countries. It takes a close look at one of the key stories in emerging markets: the untapped potential of the world’s 3.4 billion rural consumers -- 90 percent of whom live in Asia and Africa. The sheer number of rural consumers can provide a massive customer base for innovative companies that figure out how to reach them. The book provides a profile of the rural developing world and examines the forces that are increasing rural prosperity, including billions of dollars in remittances from migrant workers.  It includes several examples of innovations and best practices that are allowing companies to tap into this opportunity. 

Foreword by A. Didar Singh and Nirankar Saxena
Preface: A Rural Odyssey
The Rural Consumer Opportunity
Planting the Seeds of Prosperity in the Rural World
The Influence of Religion in the Emerging Rural World
Growing Consumers in Emerging Rural Markets
Plowing New Routes to Rural Markets
Seeding Innovation and Prosperity Through Technology
Harnessing Innovation to Solve Social Problems
The End of the Last Mile

‘A timely and powerful analysis of the opportunities that exist to help serve the aspirations and improve the livelihoods of nearly half the world’s population.’

Paul Polman,
CEO, Unilever, UK

The book is timely, in the sense that it captures the significance of the rural consumers in developing countries that forms a sizeable market in that 86 percent solution we are trying to foresee. This is a comprehensive book highlighting the expanding consumer potential of rural markets in developing countries which remains relatively unexplored segment vis-à-vis the urban counterparts… the book provides rich insights on rural consumers in developing markets and speaks to various audiences on themes such as; development economists, rural marketing, entrepreneurship (rural, social and corporate entrepreneur) etc.


Abhigyan, January - March 2017

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