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Review of Research in Education

Review of Research in Education
Disrupting Inequality Through Education Research

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Volume: 41
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March 2017 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The 2017 volume of Review of Research in Education (RRE), “Disrupting Inequality Through Education Research,” will publish reviews of research that advance understanding of how inequality and social processes that disrupt it affect the lives of children and youth. Each issue of the annual Review of Research in Education (RRE) provides an overview and descriptive analysis of a selected topic of relevant research literature through critical and synthesizing essays. RRE promotes discussion and controversy about research problems in addition to pulling together and summarizing work in the field.
Authors: Maisha T. Winn and Mariana Souto-Manning
Where do we go from here?: Foundational Understandings as Show Ways for Interrupting Injustice and Fostering Justice in and through Educational Research
Authors: Carol D. Lee Consulting Editor: Frederick Erickson
Integrating Research on How People Learn and Learning Across Settings as a Window of Opportunity to Address Inequality in Educational Processes and Outcomes
Author: Anna Stetsenko Consulting Editor: Peter Smagorinsky
Putting the Radical Notion of Equality in the Service of Disrupting Inequality in Education: Research Findings and Conceptual Advances on the Infinity of Human Potential
Authors: Michelle Salazar Pérez and Cinthya M. Saavedra Consulting Editors: M. Elizabeth Graue and Haeny S. Yoon
A Call for Onto-Epistemological Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Care: Centering Global South Conceptualizations of Childhood/s
Author: Beatrice S. Fennimore Consulting Editors: Stuart Greene and Dorinda Carter Andrews
Permission Not Required: The Power of Parents to Disrupt Educational Hypocrisy
Authors: Christina Passos DeNicolo, Min Yu, Christopher B. Crowley, and Susan Gabel Consulting Editors: Angela Valenzuela and Ysaaca Axelrod
Re-imagining Critical Care and Problematizing Sense of School Belonging as a Response to Inequality for Immigrants and Children of Immigrants
Authors: Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon, Lisa Dorner, Deborah Palmer, Dan Heiman, Rebecca Schwerdtfeger, Jinmyung Choi Consulting Editors: Mariana Pacheco and Ramón Antonio Martínez
Combating Inequalities in Two-Way Language Immersion Programs: Toward Critical Consciousness in Bilingual Education Spaces
Authors: Oscar Jiménez-Castellanos and Eugene García Consulting Editors: Lesley Bartlett and Guadalupe Valdés
Intersection of Language, Class, Ethnicity, and Policy: Toward Disrupting Inequality for English Language Learners
Authors: Rita Kohli, Marcos Pizarro, and Arturo Nevárez Consulting Editor: Leigh Patel and Keffrelyn D. Brown
The “New Racism” of K–12 Schools: Centering Critical Research on Racism
Authors: Danny C. Martinez, P. Zitlali Morales and Ursula S. Aldana Consulting Editors: Betsy Rymes and Rebecca Rogers
Leveraging Students’ Communicative Repertoires for Equitable Learning
Authors: Ayanna F. Brown, David Bloome, Jerome E. Morris, Stephanie Power-Carter and Arlette I. Willis Consulting Editor: Adrienne Dixson
Classroom Conversations in the Study of Race and the Disruption of Social and Educational Inequalities: A Review of Research
Author: Nicole Mirra and Antero Garcia Consulting Editor: Shirin Vossoughi
Civic Participation Re-Imagined: Youth Interrogation and Innovation in the Multimodal Public Sphere
Authors: Limarys Caraballo, Brian D. Lozenski, Jamila J. Lyiscott and Ernest Morrell Consulting Editor: Erica R. Meiners
YPAR and Critical Epistemologies: Rethinking Educational Research
Authors: Bianca J. Baldridge, Nathan Beck, Juan Carlos Medina, and Marlo A. Reeves Consulting Editor: Zeus Leonardo
Toward a New Understanding of Community-Based Education: The Role of Community-Based Educational Spaces in Disrupting Inequality for Minoritized Youth—A Note of Caution for Researchers, Educators, and Policymakers
Authors: Amy Stornaiuolo and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas Consulting Editors: Mollie V. Blackburn and Wan Shun Eva Lam
Disrupting Educational Inequalities Through Youth Digital Activism
Authors: Bic Ngo, Cynthia Lewis, and Betsy Maloney Leaf Consulting Editor: Gerald Campano
Fostering Sociopolitical Consciousness With Minoritized Youth: Insights From Community-Based Arts Programs
Authors: Vaughn W. M. Watson and Michelle G. Knight-Manuel Consulting Editor: Arnetha Ball
Challenging Popularized Narratives of Immigrant Youth from West Africa: Examining Social Processes of Navigating Identities and Engaging Civically
Authors: Anne Gregory, Russell J. Skiba, and Kavitha Mediratta Consulting Editor: H. Richard Milner IV
Eliminating Disparities in School Discipline: A Framework for Intervention
Authors: Catherine Kramarczuk Voulgarides, Edward Fergus, and Kathleen King-Thorius Consulting Editor: Deborah Loewenberg Ball
Pursuing Equity: Disproportionality in Special Education and the Reframing of Technical Solutions to Address Systemic Inequities
Authors: Maisie L. Gholson and Charles E. Wilkes Consulting Editors: Michael J. Dumas and Erika C. Bullock
(Mis)Taken Identities: Reclaiming Identities of the “Collective Black” in Mathematics Education Research Through an Exercise in Black Specificity
Authors: Nicole M. Joseph, Meseret Hailu, and Denise Boston Consulting Editors: Erica N. Walker and Ilana Horn
Black Women’s and Girls’ Persistence in the P–20 Mathematics Pipeline: Two Decades of Children, Youth, and Adult Education Research
Authors: Kris D. Gutiérrez, Krista Cortes, Arturo Cortez, Daniela DiGiacomo, Jennifer Higgs, Patrick Johnson, José Ramón Lizárraga, Elizabeth Mendoza, Joanne Tien, Sepehr Vakil Consulting Editor: Sarah Warshauer Freedman
Replacing Representation With Imagination: Finding Ingenuity in Everyday Practices

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