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Resources for online research & teaching Research Methods remotely

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When working remotely it can be difficult to teach or learn research methods, or carry out your own research. We've curated a collection of free Research Methods chapters, videos and other resources to support this transition, alongside links to other relevant SAGE resources, for you and your students.


Recent resources

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  • The British International Studies Association (BISA) has hosted two video presentations from SAGE author Helen Williams on thieir YouTube Channel:

-   Doing it digitally: how online delivery can improve statistics teaching. Click here to watch

-   Beyond alternative: assessment as the forgotten piece in online learning: Click here to watch


  • Access a Free SAGE Campus white paper here : Teaching Research Methods and Data Science Skills Online



Video top tips from SAGE authors


Zina O'Leary - How do I manage my data?

You've managed to collect reams of data, perhaps through online surveys, or other digital data gathering methods. How should you manage it all? You have to do it rigorously - even the qualitative data - in a methodical, systematic way. Keep a sense of the project the whole way through, thinking about your research question.


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David Silverman - Choosing a research methodology

Look toward existing methodologies for guidance, and try them out. Do they make sense for your research question? Are they practical, and doable? You're unlikely to be starting from ground zero!








Doing digital and online research

Click on the free resource under each book, or click on the cover to find out more.





Mollett,  Communicating Your Research With Social Media       

Watch author videos about using social media for your research, author blogs on LSE Impact, and more free online resources

Salmons, Doing Qualitative Research Online

Download a suggested syllabus for teaching online methods in the context of qualitative research methodologies







Links to useful web resources




Doing your research project




Doing a literature review & systematic review

What are scoping searches, and why should you do them?
Watch this free video to find out


Support with eTextbooks and Online Resources

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