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Research Methods in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management

Research Methods in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management

First Edition
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September 2017 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In Research Methods in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management, the authors use a step-by-step approach to guide students through the whole research process, from initial ideas, through to writing up and presenting the findings.

Coverage of the Internet and the digital environment as a space to carry out research has been included, and the use of technology in analysis such as SPSS, NVivo and Qualtrics is covered alongside the more traditional ‘by-hand’ methods. Hints, tips, exercises as well as end-of-chapter case studies demonstrate real challenges and practical examples from a variety of settings to help students understand how to manage and present their own research.

The book is complemented by examples of tourism destinations from Spain, Switzerland, Italy and India, and a selection of PowerPoint slides for lecturers.

Suitable for undergraduate and foundation degree students undertaking a research project in Tourism, Hospitality or Events Management.

Chapter 1: What is Research?
Chapter 2: Research Methods
Chapter 3: Planning a Project
Chapter 4: Selecting a Sample
Chapter 5: Quantitative Data Collection Methods
Chapter 6: Qualitative Data Collection Methods
Chapter 7: Analysing the Data: A Quantitative Approach
Chapter 8: Analysing the Data: A Qualitative Approach
Chapter 9: Writing Up, Presenting and Publishing the Results


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Good book for hospitality and tourism research

Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA
December 15, 2023

Excellent research book that simplifies research methodology supporting student understanding of terminology, concepts and approaches that will help students prepare for and understand key approaches for research and dissertations.

Ms Jennifer Caroline Kaye
Edge Hotel School, Essex University
February 5, 2018

A very well-structured and organised textbook. It draws extensively on examples and case studies and systematically arranged and presented in a logical way. Very useful PowerPoint slides for lecturers are also available!

Mr Nick Naumov
Northampton Business School, Northampton University
November 1, 2017

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 3 - Planning a Project