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Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

Second Edition
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March 2014 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The second edition of Haslam and McGarty's best-selling textbook, Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology, provides students with a highly readable and comprehensive introduction to conducting research in psychology. The book guides readers through the range of choices involved in design, analysis, and presentation and is supplemented by a range of practical learning features both inside the book and online. These draw on the authors' extensive experience as frontline researchers, and provide step-by-step guides to quantitative and qualitative methods and analyses.  Written in an accessible and engaging style, this text encourages deep engagement with its subject matter and is designed to inspire students to feel passionate for the research process as a whole.

This second edition offers:

  • A comprehensive guide to the process of conducting psychological research from the ground up — covering multiple methodologies, experimental and survey design, data analysis, ethics, and report writing
  • An extensive range of quantitative methods together with detailed step-by-step guides to running analyses using SPSS
  • Extended coverage of qualitative methods
  • ‘Research Bites’ in every chapter: thought-provoking examples of issues raised by contemporary society and research
  • An extensive range of additional learning aids in the textbook to help reinforce learning and revision
  • A host of on-line resources for instructors and students available on publication at

Electronic inspection copies are available for instructors.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Research in Psychology: Objectives and Ideals
Chapter 3: Research Methods
Chapter 4: Experimental Design
Chapter 5: Survey Design
Chapter 6: Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 7: Some Principles of Statistical Inference
Chapter 8: Examining Differences between Means: The t-test
Chapter 9: Examining Relationships between Variables: Correlation
Chapter 10: Comparing Two or More Means by Analysing Variances: ANOVA
Chapter 11: Analysing other Forms of Data: Chi-square and Distribution-free Tests
Chapter 12: Classical Qualitative Methods
Chapter 13: Contextual Qualitative Methods
Chapter 14: Research Ethics
Chapter 15: Conclusion: Managing Uncertainty in Psychological Research


Student Resources Site

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology is supported by a range of student-friendly resources including:
  • Annotated Research Report which highlights the do’s and don'ts of writing a good research report
  • Hand calculations of statistical tests which teach students how to conduct statistical analysis without access to a calculator or SPSS
  • Statistical Tables and data files which provide access to additional resources to deepen practice and further statistical understanding
  • Interactive multiple choice questions to test knowledge
  • Flashcards of glossary to familiarise students with key statistical terminology
  • Writing a Research Report in Psychology guidelines which explain how to structure a research report according to APA guidelines to help ensure students include all the elements needed to get great marks on their reports
  • Video links in selected chapters to give different insight into the real world examples highlighted in the book

For Instructors:

  • PowerPoints of figures and tables in the book which are easily-adaptable to support your lecturers

We are currently seriously considering this text for our program.

Mr Michael Cox
General Education Dept, National College-Louisville
September 26, 2014

This is an excellent and well written introduction to research methods. I tend to recommend it as a 'primer' or for students that are less confident in methods and analysis. It is a useful adjunct to other, more specialised texts.

Graham Edgar
Natural and Social Sciences, Gloucestershire Univ.
September 16, 2014

Using in course, PSY 3401: Research Methods and Statistics

Dr Dawn Henderson
Psychological Sciences, Winston-Salem State University
August 20, 2014

Fantastic book. Well written and approachable Will recommend on reading list for all students undertaking research... MSc and BSc...

Miss Taryn Gordon
School of Health Professions, Brighton University
August 20, 2014

good textbook to enable students to consider evidence base of CBT and its various structures

Mrs Elizabeth Simon
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Hertfordshire University
August 20, 2014

The book provides a great introduction to research methods and statistics. I like how the book is organized, the test yourself questions and the description of key terms. It is easy to read and suitable for students self-study. I will also adopt this book for my Bachelor's Thesis seminar.

Mrs Simone Sporer-Fellner
Aviation, Fh Joanneum
July 23, 2014

This is a very useful textbook that would be invaluable for undergraduates. Haslam and McGarty provide a helpful overview of methodologies and statistics in an engaging and informative fashion.

Dr Tom Mercer
Psychology , Wolverhampton Univ.
July 10, 2014

An excellent textbook suitable to undergraduate and post-graduate university students alike. Very well written and presented and chapters are relatively easy to follow with key terminology highlighted throughout. Excellent use of figures, research bites and images throughout and I was particularly impressed by the wide range of 'test yourself' boxes, example essay questions and term checks. An excellent research methods and statistics textbook for any psychology student!

Dr Phillip Morgan - Senior Lecturer in Psychology (University of South Wales)

Dr Philip Morgan
School of Psychology,early years and therapeutic studies, University of Wales, Newport
June 10, 2014

Easily accessible and mostly applicable RM text for MSc students. Will use as supplementary reading for RM module on MSc course

Mr Matthew Slater
Sport and Exercise, Staffordshire University
May 1, 2014

This text has proven useful for the teaching team for the Access to HE Science modules. Some of the team have found statistics in research methods difficult to put across to learners and this text, whilst challenging, has provided a very useful structure to be guided by.

Thank you.

Mr Adam Spiller
Teacher Education, Peterborough Regional College
April 16, 2014

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Chapter 8: Differences between Means

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