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Research Design

Research Design
Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches

Fourth Edition

© 2014 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
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The book that has helped more than 150,000 students and researchers prepare their plan or proposal for a scholarly journal article, dissertation or thesis has been revised and updated while maintaining all the features that made the first edition so popular.

New to this edition:

· Because mixed method research has come into its own since the publication of the first edition, every chapter now shows how to implement a mixed method design in your proposal or plan as well as showing how to do the other two (qualitative and quantitative) approaches

· Ethical issues that may arise in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods designs have been added to a new section in Chapter 3

· Writing tips and considerations have been expanded and moved to the first part of the book to get your research plan started in the right direction

· The latest developments in qualitative inquiry, including advocacy, participatory, and emancipatory approaches have been added to Chapter 10

· Mixed Method Procedures (Chapter 11) show readers how to identify the type of mixed method strategy, select the data collection and analysis approaches, and plan the overall structure of the study Examples, drawn from various disciplinary fields, are used throughout the book to deepen the readers understanding of the discussion. These include examples of studies with marginalized individuals in our society that reflect issues in social justice in addition to the traditional samples and populations studied by social researchers.

Part I. Preliminary Considerations
Chapter 1. The Selection of a Research Approach
Chapter 2. Review of the Literature
Chapter 3. The Use of Theory
Chapter 4. Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations
Part II. Designing Research
Chapter 5. The Introduction
Chapter 6. The Purpose Statement
Chapter 7. Research Questions and Hypotheses
Chapter 8. Quantitative Methods
Chapter 9. Qualitative Methods
Chapter 10. Mixed Methods Procedures


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This is a great foundational resource for writers thinking about research and completing research projects. It provides a good overall grounding in types of methodologies and approaches to research.

Linda Rappel
Education, University Of Calgary
November 29, 2016

Outstanding information given and resources available. Instructor and student companion websites are extremely helpful for the course developer, faculty instructor and students.

Dr Linda J. Roseburr
Management , Capella University
November 16, 2016

Creswell's research design text is a seminal textbook that I even used as a graduate student. My students found it to be very straightforward. It helped a number of my students design sound research projects. I also liked the website content with free powerpoints and notes.

Dr Tonisha B Lane
Adult Career Higher Ed Dept, University Of South Florida
October 17, 2016

Excellent text for graduate research courses.
In plain and easy to understand language - perfect for grad students.

Dr Donald Scott
Werklund School of Education, University Of Calgary
July 30, 2016

Detailed, yet easily read content that outlines research design. It builds upon the basic research information known and expands in a manner that allows students to glean the necessary information for the chosen research design method, while being able to equally understand others. The layout of the text highlights the necessary information and provides working examples without inundating the reader.

Professor Andrekka J Lanier
Ed Administration Policy Dept, Univ Of Southern California
May 16, 2016

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