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Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing
A Consumer Experience Approach

April 2010 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The relationship between a market and a consumer is complex. Far from simply an exchange of services there is an often complex transaction of feeling, meaning and experience. How does the study of relationship marketing interpret this?


In this exciting new book the authors explore the factors of relationship marketing in its contemporary context, with the consumer in mind. From the experience of a football club supporter to experiences of gap year travel, to text messaging behaviour, and to using the library, the focus of this text is on the consumer perspective. From this angle, issues of relationship marketing, and its management, take on a new and exciting bearing.


Topics examined include: frameworks for analyzing the consumer experience; consumer communities; issues of customer loyalty; the impact of ICT on relationship marketing; and the creative consumer. Each chapter is supported by - or based on - an in-depth case study, many of which are drawn from the authors' research.

Origins and History of Relationship Marketing
Relationship Marketing Themes
Customer Retention and Loyalty
Relationship Marketing
A Change in Perspective?

Frameworks for Analyzing the Consumer Experience
Consumer Resources
Use and Integration

Introducing Consumer Experience Modeling
Consumer Experience Modeling
Value Enhancers and Inhibitors

Communities within 'Experiential Networks'
Social Networks
C2C Exchanges and Relationships


'The authors provide an innovative and stimulating perspective on relationship marketing and offer a new angle on the issues facing organizations today in managing customer and client relations. By adopting a consumer experience perspective, it provides not only new insights into the subject but also offers readers a highly applied framework for exploring the contribution of relationship marketing to organisational performance. It should be essential reading for anyone interested in relationship marketing, whether practitioner, academic or student' -

Professor Angus Laing, Dean of Business and Economics,
Loughborough University

'The authors have to be congratulated for bringing relationship marketing into the 21st century by incorporating key concepts such as service-dominant logic, social networks, and consumer experience modellng. The effort is highly commendable as the insights from the book are substantive for a varied readership' -
Thorsten Gruber, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing and Service Management,
Manchester Business School

Fantastic book. My students have benefited lots from it. I would definitely recommend it.

Miss Melanie Xue
Business and Management, Sheffield Hallam University
December 9, 2014

A very informative book discussing the critically important concept of relationship marketing in the contemporary world.

Mr Michael Parsons
Faculty of Business and Society, University of South Wales
March 18, 2014

A very current up to date and useflu study text to engage and develop student thinking into building long term customer relationships both in Consumer and more so B2B market-places
Noted to other tutor colleagues

Mr Graham Webb
Marketing , Park Lane College
March 7, 2012

This book is very excellent in terms of its depth and discussion with regards to customer management.

Dr Taeshik Gong
Marketing Department, Strathclyde University
November 8, 2011

Chapter 2 of this book is a great source for lively discussions in the seminar. This helps students great to reflect and thereby enter the topic's field.
Chapter 3 is the textual basis for a practical project where students have to analyze an existing company's CRM.
Chapters 5 to 8 are great for different sessions of this program and are a recommended item of this seminar's literature.
Chapter 9 is excellent and is used as the starting point for a couple of final seminar papers!
Thank you for this great book! I can happily recommend it and it's a great gift for the students as well as me, their lecturer.

Mr Wolfgang Kotowski
Business Management, Robert Gordon University
June 22, 2011

This is a good addition to students core texts.

Mrs Janine Crowther
Higher Education, Darlington College
March 14, 2011

Course has been placed on hold. Nothing wrong with the text book.

Dr Andrew Whalley
Marketing , Royal Holloway, University of London
December 14, 2010

This is a very good book that will allow the MSc students to gain a deeper understanding of relationship marketing.

Dr Denis Feather
Dept. of Strategy and Marketing, Huddersfield University
September 2, 2010

Useful text for level 5 and 6 business students

Mrs Joan Wordsworth
Management , Newcastle College
August 21, 2010

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