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Four Volume Set
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September 2013 | 1 520 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This four-volume set has been created to capture and organise 60 years of research and policy discourse on regional integration and regionalism. Since the mid-1980s there has been an explosion of various forms of regionalist projects on a global scale. The widening and deepening of the European Union (EU) is the most pervasive example, but regionalism is also made visible through the revitalization or expansion of many other regional projects around the world. With a strong global focus on the field, this new major work will be of great value to the international academic community, collating and presenting seminal articles written by scholars from around the globe. The volumes are structured chronologically, reflecting the evolution of the subject:

Volume One: 1940s-1960s Classical Regional Integration

Volume Two: 1970s-1980s Revisions of Classical Regional Integration

Volume Three: 1990s- The New Regionalism

Volume Four: 2000-2010 Comparative Regionalism

VOLUME ONE: 1940s-1960s
David Mitrany
A Working Peace System
Karl Polanyi
Universal Capitalism or Regional Planning
Jacob Viner
The Economics of Customs Unions
Jan Tinbergen
The Integration of Current Transactions
K.W. Deutsch et al
Political Community and the North Atlantic Area: International Organization in the Light of Historical Experience
Leonard Binder
The Middle East as a Subordinate International System
Raul Prebisch
The Latin American Common Market and the Multilateral Payment Systems
Ernst Haas
International Integration
The European and the Universal Process  
Bela Balassa
Towards a Theory of Economic Integration
A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas Robert Mundell
C. Cooper and B. Massell
A New Look at Customs Union Theory
Stanley Hoffmann
Obstinate or Obsolete? The Fate of the Nation State and the Case of Western Europe
Ernest Mandel
International Capitalism and 'Supra-Nationality'
Joseph Nye
Comparative Regional Integration
Concept and Measurement  
Philippe Schmitter
Three Neo-Functional Hypotheses about International Integration
Louis Cantori and Steven Spiegel
International Regions
A Comparative to Five Subordinate Systems  
VOLUME TWO: 1970s-1980s
Ernst Haas
The Study of Regional Integration
Reflections on the Joy and Anguish of Pre-Theorizing  
Joseph Nye
Comparing Common Markets
A Revised Neo-Functionalist Model  
Donald Puchala
Of Blind Men, Elephants and International Integration
Ernst Haas
The United Nations and Regionalism
Richard Chadwick and Karl Deutsch
International Trade and Economic Integration
Further Developments in Trade Matrix Analysis  
Helge Hveem
Integration by Whom, for Whom, against Whom? On the Relationship between Neo-Classical Integration Theory, Processes of Integration and Social Structure
R.J. Wonnacott
Canada's Future in a World of Trade Blocs
A Proposal  
Ernst Haas
Turbulent Fields and the Theory of Regional Integration
Murray Kemp and Henry Wan Jr.
An Elementary Proposition Concerning the Formation of Customs Unions
R. Cooper
Worldwide versus Regional Integration
The Optimum Size of the Integrated Area  
W. Andrew Axline
Underdevelopment, Dependence and Integration
The Politics of Regionalism in the Third World  
Raimo Väyrynen
Regional Conflict Formations
An Intractable Problem of International Relations  
Fritz Scharpf
The Joint Decision Trap
Lessons from German Federalism and European Integration  
VOLUME THREE: 1990s-2000
Alexander Murphy
Regions as Social Constructs
The Gap between Theory and Practice  
Paul Krugman
Regionalism versus Multilateralism: Analytical Notes
Björn Hettne
The Pursuit of Regionness  
Andrew Moravcsik
Preferences and Power in the European Community
A Liberal Inter-Governmentalist Approach  
Ann-Marie Burley and Walter Mattli
Europe before the Courts
A Political Theory of Legal Integration  
Simon Hix
The Study of the European Community
The Challenge to Comparative Politics  
Iver Neumann
A Region-Building Approach to Northern Europe
Jagdish Bhagwati
U.S. Trade Policy
The Infatuation with FTAs  
Ben Rosamond
Mapping the European Condition
The Theory of Integration and the Integration of Theory  
Etel Solingen
Democracy, Economic Reform and Regional Co-Operation
Peter Katzenstein
Regionalism in Comparative Perspective
Gary Marks, Liesbet Hooghe and Kermit Blank
European Integration from the 1980s
State-Centric versus Multilevel Governance  
Alec Stone Sweet and Wayne Sandholtz
European Integration and Supranational Governance
Richard Baldwin
The Causes of Regionalism
Emanuel Adler
Imagined (Security) Communities
Cognitive Regions in International Relations  
Peter Wallensteen and Margareta Sollenberg
Armed Conflict and Regional Conflict Complexes, 1989-97
Edward Mansfield
The Proliferation of Preferential Trading Arrangements
Todd Sandler
Global and Regional Public Goods
A Prognosis for Collective Action  
Daniel Bach
Regionalism versus Regional Integration
The Emergence of a New Paradigm in Africa  
VOLUME FOUR: 2000s-2010s
Walter Mattli
Explaining Regional Integration
Björn Hettne and Fredrik Söderbaum
Theorizing the Rise of Regionness
Anssi Paasi
Europe as a Social Process and Discourse
Considerations of Place, Boundaries and Identity  
Jon Pevehouse
With a Little Help from My Friends
Regional Organizations and the Consolidation of Democracy  
Andrew Gamble and Anthony Payne
The World-Order Approach
Morten Bøås, Marianne Marchand and Tim Shaw
The Weave-World
The Regional Interweaving of Economies, Ideas and Identities  
Amitav Acharya
How Ideas Spread
Whose Norms Matter? Norm Localization and Institutional Change in Asian Regionalism  
Björn Hettne
Beyond the 'New' Regionalism
Heiner Hänggi
Inter-Regionalism as a Multifaceted Phenomenon
In Search of a Typology  
Antoni Estevadeordal and Kati Suominen
Sequencing Regional Trade Integration and Co-Operation Agreements
Philippe De Lombaerde et al
The Problem of Comparison in Comparative Regionalism
Gaspare Genna and Philippe De Lombaerde
The Small N Methodological Challenges of Analyzing Regional Integration
Alex Warleigh-Lack and Ben Rosamond
Across the European Union Studies - New Regionalism Frontier
Invitation to a Dialogue  

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