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Reading Faces

Reading Faces
and Learning about Human Emotions

October 2003 | 94 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
For those wishing to continue or extend their teaching of emotional literacy this is an unusual and invaluable resource. Developed in collaboration with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and using his research on human emotions Barbara has devised a programme that makes this accessible and useful in the classroom or small group setting.

Simon identified 412 discreet emotions falling into 24 feeling groups. From this we have selected 78 and developed a photo library with two examples of each emotion. One of each is printed in the book for copying and all are available on the CD-ROM for direct printing. The library is sorted into age levels that correlate with Key Stages 1 to 4. At each stage this book includes activities with aims linked to the programme of study in Speaking and Listening and PSHE and Citizenship.

An easy to use and fun resource for staff who want to:

} assist young people in recognizing emotions

} develop pupil awareness of the importance of understanding emotions

} enhance social and emotional relationships.

What is this all about?
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Key Stage 1

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Key Stage 3 & 4

Emotion Cards Levels 1-4