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Quantitative Social Science Data with R

Quantitative Social Science Data with R
An Introduction

Second Edition
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March 2023 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Relevant, engaging, and packed with student-focused learning features, this book provides the basic step-by-step introduction to quantitative research and data every student needs.

Gradually introducing applied statistics and the language and functionality of R and R Studio software, it uses examples from across the social sciences to show students how to apply abstract statistical and methodological principles to their own work. Maintaining a student-friendly pace, it goes beyond a normal introductory statistics book and shows students where data originates and how to:

-       Understand and use quantitative data to answer questions

-       Approach surrounding ethical issues

-       Collect quantitative data

-       Manage, write about, and share the data effectively

Supported by incredible digital resources with online tutorials, videos, datasets, and multiple choice questions, this book gives students not only the tools they need to understand statistics, quantitative data, and R software, but also the chance to practice and apply what they have learned. 

Introduction To R And R Studio
Finding Data
Data Management
Variables And Manipulation
Developing Hypotheses
Univariate And Descriptive Statistics
Data Visualisation
Hypothesis Testing
Bivariate Analysis
Linear Regression And Model Building
OLS Assumptions And Diagnostic Testing
Generalised Linear Models
Count Models
Putting It All Together


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·       Lecturer’s guide provides you with suggested exercises and solutions to use in class or for assignments and directs you towards further resources such as datasets, code, weblinks and video screencasts.

·       PowerPoint slides with additional chapter guidance that can be downloaded and customised for use in your own lectures and presentations

It feels great to have a |Library of very helpful books.

Mrs Catherine Otene
Faculty of Engineering & Science, Greenwich University
July 3, 2023

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