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Professional Knowledge & Skills in the Early Years

Professional Knowledge & Skills in the Early Years

April 2019 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Debates frequently focus on the role of training as an indicator of quality, but far less attention is given to understanding how to work effectively with young children, and how the knowledge to do this is built. This book examines the development and sources of this 'know-how' - from the knowledge the early years workforce already have to the knowledge they will develop in their practical and theoretical training. This also includes the knowledge that cannot be described but is nonetheless important in guiding the daily work of the early years sector. Both theoretical and practical knowledge are brought together while encouraging critical consideration of alternative forms of knowledge such as attitudes and beliefs. Providing international examples and theoretical discussions on the challenges and rewards of working in the early years, this book seeks to identify, recognise and celebrate how those who work in early years education deliver best practice when working with young children.

Chapter 1: What does it mean to be a professional in the Early Years?
Chapter 2: Quality in the Early Years and Early Years Training
Chapter 3: Knowledges in The Early Years
Chapter 4: The Early Years Knowledge-base
Chapter 5: Concepts of Childhood, from Self to Society
Chapter 6: Emotional Knowledge
Chapter 7: Learning in Practice

This short book manages to provide the most rich and comprehensive account available of the skills, knowledge, dispositions and attitudes underpinning professional practice in the early years

Geoff Taggart
University of Reading

The link is clearly made between the development of the role of the professional, the concept of quality and the importance of a comprehensive early years knowledge base. Of particular interest is a chapter on emotional knowledge and its links to practice.

Mary Beare Aust

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