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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society addresses ethical challenges in the constantly evolving world of business

August 28, 2018

In the wake of natural disasters, corporate deception schemes, and questions about data transparency, the ethical challenges facing the world of business are constantly changing. The second edition of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, recently released by SAGE Publishing, makes an in-depth examination into ethical affairs that today’s business students, professors, and scholars must grapple with.

Expanding from five to seven volumes, the encyclopedia features more than 300 completely new entries as well as the enhancement and revision of first-edition articles to reflect key developments in the fields of business ethics and business and society. New and updated entries focus on relevant events such as the Volkswagen scandal, recently developed industries such as energy markets, changing technologies such as social media and other changing social issues such as the gender wage gap and the minimum wage debate.

The encyclopedia also features significant rearrangement of the Reader’s Guide to facilitate user search and connection of entries within related themes.

“In the relatively short period between the two editions of the encyclopedia (11 years), entirely new industries have arisen, existing business has been transformed in unceasing waves of technological change, and amazing events that no one contemplated at the publication of the first edition have arisen that demand treatment,” commented Dr. Robert W. Kolb, editor of the first and second editions. “This second edition of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society continues the tradi­tion established by the first edition as it recognizes the inherent unity between the two disciplines of business ethics and business and society that stem from their shared primary concern with questions of value in commerce.”

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society

April 2018                                                     4072 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4833-8152-7                    Price: $1,295.00

eISBN: 978-1-4833-8154-1


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