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SAGE and CQ Press launch the ultimate political database and data manipulation tool, U.S. Political Stats

March 27, 2014

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE and CQ Press today announce the full launch of U.S. Political Stats, an easy-to-use visualization and manipulation tool with data on Congress, the Supreme Court, the presidency, and elections.

U.S. Political Stats includes facts and figures on economic and population indicators from 1982 to the present that are constantly updated as new data becomes available. Hosted on an interactive platform, users can compare different types of data such as legislative voting records and demographic characteristics, to create maps, graphs, and charts that provide unique insights into all three branches of the U.S. government.

The diverse data holdings for U.S. Political Stats include:

  • Biographical data on members of Congress, presidents, and Supreme Court justices
  • Campaign finance records for federal candidates
  • Demographics
  • Economic indicators
  • General, special, and primary election results
  • Supreme Court case data
  • Roll call tallies for all congressional floor votes
  • Interest group scores for members of Congress
  • Voting scores for members of Congress, analyzing legislative voting patterns
  • Presidential performance indicators
  • Public approval scores of government institutions

Data holdings can be downloaded for use in reports and presentations and exported for more in-depth manipulation and analysis. The wealth of data and intuitive platform will support upper-level political science researchers and high school and public library patrons alike.

“SAGE and CQ Press are thrilled to introduce a resource that furthers our goal of providing important data in a way that best speaks to a diverse range of researchers and learners,” said Michele Sordi, Vice President, SAGE Editorial. “U.S. Political Stats is a robust data resource that covers the full spectrum of the U.S. political process.”

For a free trial of U.S. Political Stats, visit


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