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Policy and Strategy for Improving Health and Wellbeing

Policy and Strategy for Improving Health and Wellbeing

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June 2011 | 288 pages | Learning Matters
As health policy at a national level has ever increasing impact on local health services, it is essential that public health students understand how the development and implementation of policy and strategy provide the framework for improving quality, innovation, productivity and prevention in the delivery of healthcare.

The book is divided into two sections, with section one covering a strategic overview of national policies, and section two giving specific local implementation of policy examples to support section one. Case studies and examples will help the reader to understand the policy and strategy and to apply them to their local setting.

Policy: What Is It? How Is It Made?
Political and Ideological Context of Policy
Strategic Context of Policy: A Look at UK Policy for the Four Nations
Communicating and Implementing Policy and Strategy to Improve Health and Well-Being
Developing a Strategy for Implementation of Policy
Tackling Health and Social Inequalities
Social Determinants of Health - Housing: A UK Perspective
Social Determinants of Health - Child Poverty: A Northern Ireland Perspective
Development and Implementation of Policy - Children and Young People: A Welsh Perspective
Communities and Health: A Scottish Perspective
Lifestyle Factors - Nutrition: An English Perspective
Lifestyle Factors - Substance Use and Misuse: A UK Perspective

This book is very UK focused and many of my students are from overseas, so it can't be a recommended text. However, I like the way it references the professional course curricula, which makes it particularly useful and usable for students on those courses.

Dr Jennifer Gosling
Faculty of Public Health and Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
April 30, 2012

Excellent text with good chapters on policy and strategy - very pertinent for health and social care students.

The chapters are supported with good diagrams, theory and models and relevant examples from health and social care sector

Dr Julie Prowse
School of Life Sciences, Bradford University
February 5, 2012

I'm also going to draw this book to students attention on other modules because of the developing a strategy for implementing policy chapter. This is so relevant to current healthcare practice.

Mrs Anne Fenech
Health Sciences, Southampton University
January 5, 2012

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