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Person-Centred Counselling Psychology

Person-Centred Counselling Psychology
An Introduction

June 2007 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'Not only is this the first key text on person-centred counselling psychology, but one of the best introductions to the approach. Gillon combines an in-depth understanding of the person-centred field with a highly accessible writing style to produce a book that will be of enormous value to anyone wanting to practice person-centred therapy. Essential reading for trainee and practising counselling psychologists with an interest in the person-centred approach and highly recommended for counsellors and psychotherapists of all orientations' - Mick Cooper, Professor of Counselling, Counselling Unit, University of Strathclyde

Person-Centred Counselling Psychology: An Introduction is an introduction to the philosophy, theory and practice of the person-centred approach. Focusing on the psychological underpinnings of the approach, Ewan Gillon describes the theory of personality on which it is based and the nature of the therapeutic which is characterised by

o unconditional positive regard

o empathy

o congruence.

The book shows how the person-centred approach relates to others within counselling psychology and to contemporary practices in mental health generally. It also gives guidance to readers on the approach's research tradition as well as considering key issues for those wishing to train and work as a person-centred practitioner. As such, it is designed to be an applied, accessible text, providing a dialogue between the psychological basis of person-centred therapy and its application within the real world.

As well as psychology students, it will be of interest to those from other disciplines, counselling trainees, those within the caring professions, and person-centred therapists from a non-psychological background.

Ewan Gillon is Director of The Edinburgh Psychology Centre and Lecturer in Counselling Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The History and Development of the Person-Centred Approach
A Person-Centred Theory of Personality and Individual Difference
A Person-Centred Theory of Psychological Therapy
Facilitating a Process of Change
The Person-Centred Approach and the Four Paradigms of Counselling Psychology
Person-Centred Therapy and Contemporary Practice in Mental Health
Working With Distress

Research and the Person-Centred Approach
Social Constructionism and the Person-Centred Approach
Training As A Person-Centred Practitioner

Really helpful analysis and description of theory

Mrs Juliana Kate Hopkins
School of Health, University of St Mark And St John
May 1, 2020

Excellent book, easy to read and understand. Use of case studies is always a favourite among students. I will be adding this title to the list of recommended reading.

Ms Deana Friel
Health and Social Care , North West Regional College
February 23, 2015

Very informative

Mrs Nikki Whitehouse
Education Department, Compton Hospice Education centre
September 6, 2012

Very readable and comprehensive review of person-centred theory and ongoing evolution.

Mr James Pope
HE Counselling, KGV College/Edge Hill University
November 16, 2011

A really excellent higher level introduction about person-centred theory. Ideal for first and second year undergraduate or diploma level studies.

Mr Tony Moynihan
Health and Care, Colchester Institute
November 4, 2011

An excellent foundation for any Person-centred practitioner.

Miss Lyndise Tarbuck
Centre for Health and Care, Colchester Institute
October 21, 2011

I enjoyed the presentation of this volume, which combined an historical view of traditional person-centred counselling psychology with more up to date thinking, including theorists like Gendlin and Rennie. Discussion of other orientations was helpful, as were the extended case studies and application thereof, which will prove invaluable to students seeking to apply theory to practice

Mrs Valerie Sanders
Counselor Education , University of Greenwich
December 15, 2010

An excellent book, with an easy style of reading. It provides a clear relationship between the Person Centred Counselling model and the psychology that underpins it. This will extend the reading of students and link their counselling knowledge with psychology in a more meaningful way.

Mr Mike Bancroft
Counselling, Alton College
April 27, 2010

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