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Performance Management Systems

Performance Management Systems
An Experiential Approach

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October 2019 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An experiential and skills-building approach, exploring the realities and complexities of performance management and encouraging a reflective, adaptable outlook and equipping readers to conduct performance management in the future.


The book presents the theoretical underpinnings and the practical applications of key topics in detail, with practical concepts or skills highlighted in terms of how they fit into the Performance Management system. Learning features include: 


  • “Developing PMS Skills” boxes, highlighting a particular skill
  • “PMS in Practice” boxes, showcasing real-life examples from around the world
  • “Experiential Exercises”, to encourage active learning

    A comprehensive suite of free online resources, including PowerPoint Slides, full journal articles, and self-review questions an be found at


    Suitable for Performance Management modules on Human Resource Management, General Management and Organisational Behaviour courses.

    Arup Varma and Pawan Budhwar
    Chapter 1: Introduction: Performance Management in Context
    Subhash C. Kundu, Archana Mor and Naresh Khatri
    Chapter 2: Performance Management and Business Strategy
    Shailendra Singh, M. H. Minai and Arup Varma
    Chapter 3: Goal Setting
    Peter Norlander and Arup Varma
    Chapter 4: Performance Information
    Caitlin Sockbeson and Angelo DeNisi
    Chapter 5: Defining and Measuring Performance
    Caitlin Sockbeson and Angelo DeNisi
    Chapter 6: Evaluating Performance
    Biyun Hu and Arup Varma
    Chapter 7: Motivation and Feedback
    Darren Wang and Arup Varma
    Chapter 8: Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships
    Arup Varma and Rosalie Tung
    Chapter 9: Performance Management for Expatriates
    Arup Varma and Pawan Budhwar
    Chapter 10: Implementing a Performance Management System


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    Varma and Budhwar have put together a distinguished set of authors to look at a number of important aspects of performance management, with the ultimate goal of helping us understand why these systems succeed or fail and how to improve performance management in organizations.  I particularly like the analytic approach this volume takes, delving into a number of core topics (e.g., getting and using information about performance, goal setting, performance management and business strategy) that cut across a number of different types of performance management systems.  This volume makes a real contribution to understanding the critically important topic of performance management.

    Kevin Murphy
    Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick

    Managers, scholars, HR professionals, and students will appreciate this informative and useful set of contributions describing the essential details for constructing, managing, implementing and continuously modifying a performance management system to fit an organization’s unique and specific situation. Adopting a strategic perspective, the chapters emphasize the importance of aligning the performance management system with the organization’s goals and integrating it with all other components of the HR system.  The combination of evidence-based principles and skill development activities reinforce key concepts and promote meaningful learning.

    Randall S. Schuler and Susan E. Jackson
    Rutgers University and the University of Lucerne

    Cutting through the myriad of fads and myths, Performance Management Systems: An Experiential Approach provides a science-based approach to achieve the strategic promise of performance management systems. With cases, theory-driven practice, and experiential exercises, the authors underscore the importance of developing managers’ skills in the overall success of performance management systems.  This book is a must-read for anyone, researcher or practitioner alike, who appreciates the strategic value of human talent and the role managers have in unleashing its full potential. 

    Paula Caligiuri
    Distinguished Professor, International Business and Strategy, Northeastern University

    The book is comprehensive about performance management systems. The experiential exercises may help students to make sense of the contents.

    Dr Sandra Costa
    Management School, Liverpool University
    February 24, 2021

    The content was excellent and fit for purpose. It covered a part of the module learning outcome on financial and non-financial measures of performance, including other relevant content of the module on 'service planning and budgeting in health and social care'. It also included relevant case study to facilitate learner engagement.

    Mrs Oghenenioborue Rume Okandeji-Barry
    Childhood, Social Work & Social Care, Chichester University
    July 8, 2020

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