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Open Access Prepaid Accounts (OAPAs)

Open Access Prepaid Accounts (OAPAs)

Institutions with an open access prepaid account (OAPA) have a fund with Sage which can be used to cover open access processing charges (APCs) in both gold open access and hybrid journals.

If you are an institution that would like to open an OAPA with Sage, please contact

Below is a list of all institutions that currently have an OAPA with Sage. To use your institution’s OAPA funds, contact your institution’s librarian for more information.

When wishing to use an OAPA for an APC payable through the Sage Open Access Portal in the assign Bill Payer steps select your institution as the Bill Payer. This will automate a payment request to your administrator to approve or decline the payment request. Where approved your administrator can select the OAPA as their payment method. You will receive confirmation the payment decision and, where approved, no further steps are required on your part. 

Institution Terms Contact
Cardiff University UKRI-funded authors only. If you are non-funded, email the contact address to apply for support covering APCs through invoice.                                                                                                                                                                       
Durham University UKRI-funded authors only.
Lancaster University Ask your librarian.
Newcastle University Ask your librarian.
Queen Mary University of London Ask your librarian.
University College London UCL is only able to use its OAPA to pay open access charges for papers in fully open access journals that acknowledge UCL-held Wellcome Trust, UKRI, Cancer Research UK or British Heart Foundation funding.                     
University of Birmingham UKRI/Wellcome Trust/COAF funded authors, or for publication in fully open access journals.                   
University of Bristol Bristol can pay APCs for UKRI, Wellcome Trust and COAF funded authors. Only UKRI funded authors can use the OAPA. For non-UKRI-funded research, please contact the library.
University of Glasgow Ask your librarian.
University of Hull Ask your librarian.
University of Leeds UKRI/Wellcome Trust/COAF funded authors only.
University of Nottingham Log in to the university's Workspace page for further information.
University of St Andrews Ask your librarian.
University of Surrey UKRI-funded authors only. Limited funds are available for other Surrey corresponding authors who are full members of staff or students who are not funded or whose funder does not cover open access APCs.
University of Warwick Ask your librarian.
Colorado State, Ft.Collins The OAPA can be used to cover APCs for publications in the journal Sage Open only.
University of Guelph The Library has prepaid vouchers to cover Guelph authors publishing open access in the journal Sage Open. Please contact the library for information on how to apply for these vouchers.
Memorial University of Newfoundland                                  Ask your librarian.
Simon Fraser University Ask your librarian.
UNC Greensboro Ask your librarian. Please visit the website for contact information.
Qatar National Library

Ask your librarian.