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New to Counselling Young People?

Getting Started

Getting started as a counsellor of children and young people can be challenging. For instance knowing exactly how to get an aggressive, misbehaving or scared child to open up and talk, is a skill that can take time to learn. We’ve put together some advice and information covering some of the topics that students or new counsellors might struggle with at first. 

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What do I need to begin counselling children and young people?

There are various skills and qualities that the young people’s counsellor needs to bring to a first session to establish a relationship. Click below to read about the HEAROES approach…

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Assessing a young client 

When deciding whether or not to accept a child or young person for counselling, what do counsellors need to take into account?

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How can I make counselling relevant to young people?

It has long been recognized that counselling children is very different from counselling adults. When working with children, counsellors not only need to use specific counselling skills, as they do with adults, but also need to involve the child in the counselling process.

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