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Merged Methods

Merged Methods
A Rationale for Full Integration

October 2021 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A new turn in mixed methods research is here: merged methods. This provocative book offers a novel analysis of current mixed methods research, complicating traditional approaches and challenging existing techniques.

Moving beyond the binary quantitative-qualitative distinction, the book presents methodologically grounded ways to merge methods in social research and integrate interpretive and structural approaches in one instrument or procedure. 

The book: 

  • Considers the importance of merging both epistemologies and methodologies.
  • Showcases eight merged methods research approaches, from the Delphi method to multimodal content analysis.
  • Explores the opportunities for merging methods using computational techniques, such as text mining.

This innovative book is a must-read for any postgraduate student or researcher across the social sciences wanting to develop their understanding of mixed methods research.

Introduction: Setting the Scene for Merged Methods
Part I: Epistemology and Methodology
Chapter 1: Merged Methods: Development and Emergence of a New Paradigm
Chapter 2: Merged Epistemology: Assumptions, Experience, Knowledge
Chapter 3: Merged Methodology: A Rationale for Merged Methods
Chapter 4: Designing Merged Methods Research
Part II: Methods
Chapter 5: The Delphi Method: Forecasting Scenarios
Chapter 6: The Event History Calendar and Intervey Methods
Chapter 7: Q-Methodology: Studying People’s Viewpoints
Chapter 8: Multimodal Content Analysis: Texts and Sentiments
Chapter 9: Text Mining: From Tacit to Explicit Knowledge
Chapter 10: The SYMLOG Method: How to Analyze Behavior and Group Dynamics
Chapter 11: Conclusion: The Ways Ahead

It is an useful complmentary support to the base methodologies

Professor João Carlos Oliveira Matias
Accounting, Universidade de Aveiro
March 29, 2023

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