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Mate Selection Across Cultures

Mate Selection Across Cultures

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October 2003 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book provides a compilation of the diversity of couple formation experiences, with particular attention to those relationships that lead to marriage. It covers the processes, traditions, and practices associated with couple formation in 14 countries around the world.
Raeann R. Hamon (Messiah College) & Bron B. Ingoldsby (Brigham Young University)
Section 1: North America
Bron B. Ingoldsby (Brigham Young University)
1. The Mate Selection Process in the United States of America
Section 2: The Caribbean and South America
Raeann R. Hamon (Messiah College)
2. "It's Better in the Bahamas:" From Relationship Initiation to Marriage
Paul L. Schvaneveldt (Weber State University)
3. Mate Selection Preferences and Practices in Ecuador and Latin America
Winston Seegobin (Messiah College) & Kristen M. Tarquin (University of Buffalo)
4. Mate Selection in Trinidad and Tobago: A Multireligious, Multicultural Perspective
Section 3: Africa
Baffour K. Takyi (University of Akron)
5. Tradition and Change in Family and Marital Processes: Selecting a Marital Partner in Ghana
Stephan M. Wilson (University of Nevada, Reno), Lucy W. Ngige (Kenyatta University, Nairobi), & Linda J. Trollinger (University of Kentucky)
6. Connecting Generations: Paths to Maasai and Kamba Marriage in Kenya
Section 4: The Middle East
Bahira Sherif-Trask (University of Delaware)
7. Love, Courtship, and Marriage from a Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Upper Middle Class Egyptian Example
Shulamit N. Ritblatt (San Diego State University)
8. Couple Formation in Israeli Jewish Society
Nuran Hortacsu (Middle East Technical University)
9. Marriage in Turkey
Section 5: Europe
J. Roberto Reyes (Messiah College)
10. Couple Formation Practices in Spain
Manfred van Dulmen (University of Minnesota)
11. The Development of Intimate Relationships in the Netherlands
Section 6: Asia
Nilufer P. Medora (California State University, Long Beach)
12. Mate Selection in Contemporary India: Love Marriages vs. Arranged Marriages
Yan R. Xia (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) & Zhi G. Zhou (Hebei University, China)
13. The Transition of Courtship, Mate Selection, and Marriage in China
Colleen I. Murray(University of Nevada, Reno) & Naoko Kimura (University of Nevada, Reno)
14. Japan and Multiplicity of Paths to Couple Formation

"A book like this is needed because we teach about couple
formation as in some ways ‘universal’ and in other ways culturally bound. We
have few resources for showing how various countries and cultures are the same
and yet different….I am interested in giving students a broad view of
relationships and families, and this text would help me."

Susan Hendrick
Texas Tech University

"I believe that this is a much needed book….Faculty in family studies, personal relationships and other fields are working to. . . diversify their courses, and this book has the potential to be a true asset in such endeavors."

Sally A. Lloyd
Miami University

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