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Mass Imprisonment

Mass Imprisonment
Social Causes and Consequences

First Edition
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May 2001 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`The quite extraordinary phenomenon of mass imprisonment in the USA needs, above all, to be identified.

David Garland and his excellent range of criminological contributors go well beyond this by showing how to start thinking (and arguing) about what these unprecedented statistics might mean for all modern societies' - Professor Stan Cohen, Department of Sociology, LSE

This major new volume of papers by leading criminologists, sociologists and historians, sets out what is known about the political and penological causes of the phenomenon of mass imprisonment.

Mass imprisonment, American-style, involves the penal segregation of large numbers of the poor and minorities. Imprisonment has become a central institution for the social control of the urban poor.

Other countries are now looking to the USA to see what should be learned from this massive and controversial social experiment. This book describes mass imprisonment's impact upon crime, upon the minority communities most affected, upon social policy and, more broadly upon national culture. This is a book that all penologists and policy makers should read.

David Garland
The Meaning of Mass Imprisonment

Marc Mauer
The Causes and Consequences of Prison Growth in the United States
Jonathan Simon
Fear and Loathing in Late Modernity
Reflections on the Cultural Sources of Mass Imprisonment in the United States

Thomas Mathiesen
Television, Public Space and Prison Population
A Commentary on Mauer and Simon

Katherine Beckett and Bruce Western
Governing Social Marginality
Welfare Incarceration and the Transformation of State

David Downes
The Macho Penal Economy
Mass Incarceration in the United States- A European Perspective

David Greenberg
Novus ordo saeclorum? A Commentary on Downes, and on Beckett and Western
Lo[ac]ic Wacquant
Deadly Symbiosis
When Ghetto and Prison Meet and Merge

Elijah Anderson
Going Straight
The Story of a Young Inner-City Ex-Convict

Jerome Miller
Bringing the Individual Back In
A Commentary on Wacquant and Anderson

Franklin Zimring
Imprisonment Rates and the New Politics of Criminal Punishment
Michael Tonry
Unthought Thoughts
The Influence of Changing Sensibilities on Penal Policies

James B Jacobs
Facts, Values and Prison Policies
A Commentary on Zimrig and Tonry

Alex Lichtenstein
The Private and the Public in Penal History
A Commentary on Zimrig and Tonry

Alex Garland
The New Iron Cage


good treatment of the issues

Professor Martin Horn
Law Police Science Dept, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
October 22, 2010

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