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Leading for Equality

Leading for Equality
Making Schools Fairer

October 2016 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Disentangling the concept of equality in schools can be a tricky task for those in senior, middle or classroom leadership. This book will unpack ideas of equality, equity, diversity and social justice, providing practitioners and those training to teach with an understanding of equality in order to address educational values and practice. Drawing on a wide range of case studies from schools in England, Wales and Scotland, the authors illustrate the importance of leading for equality with a clear and proactive vision for change.

The authors explore these key areas:

  • Socio-economic class
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Migrant children
  • Special learning needs and disabilities

This book will serve as a handy guide for postgraduate and undergraduate students on Education Leadership and Inclusive Education courses. 

Setting the framework
Ideas of equality. The contested concept
The European policy landscape
Some differences matter more than others: the inequality landscape
Approaches to attacking inequality
Addressing in/equality
Looking at single characteristics. Looking at intersected multiple characteristics
Socio-economic class and inequality
Gender and inequality
Sexuality and inequality
Ethnicity and inequality
Religion and inequality
Migrant children and inequality
Special learning needs, disability and inequality
Drawing together threads for action
Bringing it all together: values, culture and goals

This valuable new book provides an in-depth treatment of equality, drawing on research and literature, and illuminating examples of practice in several UK schools.  Jacky Lumby and Marianne Coleman have been researching this issue for more than two decades and this important book demonstrates their deep understanding of, and engagement with, many key dimensions of equality and inequality in schools.

Tony Bush
Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Nottingham

This very accessible book takes complex and challenging ideas and makes these practical and accessible without being patronizing. Lumby and Coleman are deeply reflective and open about the issues covered, and explain that there are no ‘magic answers’ in seeking solutions in the endeavours of educators to address issues of equality. They are also unflinching in urging us to reflect on our own practices and predispositions critically, which may, albeit unconsciously, be adding to misunderstandings, misconceptions and socially unjust behaviours. Furthermore, the authors do not pretend to address all aspects of equality but claim only to have picked out issues that they feel are particularly pertinent to the world of schools... I wholeheartedly recommend this as a core piece of reading for teachers, teachers in training, teacher educators, parents and school governors. It also has relevance for all of us in education who need some provocation to engage in considering aspects of prejudice that may have escaped our conscious attention and which need to be addressed in our practices.

Linda Hammersley-Fletcher
London Review of Education

Lumby and Coleman have an engaging and accessible style. A unique feature of this book in the inclusion of various case studies that illustrate how the complex issue of equality is addressed in different types of schools throughout the United Kingdom... The greatest utility of this book may be its potential to spark discussion and motivate readers to consider changes that may make their school environments fairer.

Lisa H Rosen
Texas Woman’s University

This publication offers a secure approach to leadership from an inclusive perspective which has secure foundations in practice. Very useful to PG students doing the National Senco Award

Mr Tristan Middleton
Department of Education, Gloucestershire University
March 31, 2017

I found this a really interesting read, it covered a good variety of subjects required for the E&D i'm teaching at degree level

Miss Claire Louise Hill
Education Department, Newcastle College
October 4, 2016

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Ideas of equality. The contested concept

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